Don Brunell

Economic growth will increase minimum wages | Don Brunell

The central element of Proposition 1 is a $15 per hour minimum wage for workers at SeaTac Airport and area hotels, restaurants and car rental agencies. But, it also includes a complex web of employee work rules enforced by the City of SeaTac.


Rising gas prices threaten our economic recovery | Don Brunell

What’s that old saying? “One step forward, two steps back.” Just as our economy is starting to move again, rising gas prices threaten to put the brakes on the recovery.


No more band-aids for the state budget | Don Brunell

There is finally a bit of good news from Olympia. The state’s Revenue Forecast Council reports that tax revenues for this biennium will be $96 million higher than projected last November, and state tax collections for 2013-15 are projected to grow by 6.6 percent.


When it comes to taxes, keep it simple | Don Brunell

“Keep it simple.” This old saying is more than a bumper sticker slogan, it’s a principle that is especially important when it comes to taxes and regulations.

Buying American products creates American jobs | Don Brunell

As Congress and state legislatures struggle with the sluggish economy, high unemployment and growing deficits, it may seem that a solution is out of reach.

The electric chickens come home to roost | Don Brunell

For years, energy experts warned us that regulations and policies that reduce the supply of affordable conventional energy would result in higher prices for American families.

Stories of hope shining all around | Don Brunell

With a bad economy, political bickering in our nation’s capital and daily news coverage of raucous protests here at home, it may seem harder to get into the Christmas spirit this year.

Some joy in Olympia despite budget news | Don Brunell

There is a brighter side to Christmas this year, despite the weak economy and lawmakers bickering over how to patch the $2 billion hole in the state’s budget.

Lessons from Canada | Don Brunell

Just about the time the Congressional “Super Committee” declared failure, our national debt clock rolled past $15 trillion. Even as the discussions, co-chaired by Sen. Patty Murray, D-Wash., ground to a halt and Congress left the Capitol for Thanksgiving, the debt clock kept ticking.

Thank goodness for farmers | Don Brunell

How about some good news heading into the holidays? It comes from our nation’s farmers and ranchers.

Illinois is a deadbeat warning | Don Brunell

The dictionary defines “deadbeat” as someone who deliberately avoids paying their bills. It’s an unflattering label, but for Illinois, it’s now their unofficial new nickname: the Deadbeat State.

Competition for American factory owners | Don Brunell

In today’s dog-eat-dog world, change is constant and accelerating. Other countries are stealing our factories and jobs and are hungry for more. That is the new reality.

Reaching out to the private sector to solve problems | Don Brunell

President Obama and the newly appointed Congressional federal debt reduction committee will need to look under every rock to find ways to save money and do things differently. Now, they’re getting some help from the private sector.

Regulations and punitive taxes has nation teetering on the brink | Don Brunell

At the same time President Obama and Congress were locked in combat over raising the nation’s debt ceiling, leaders of state manufacturing associations from across America were meeting right here in Washington.

Connect the dots and face America’s dependence on oil | Don Brunell

Americans live in an idealistic world where, no matter what happens, we’ll still be able to go home at night and switch on the lights or pull into a filling station and gas up the family SUV.

Spurring private sector growth is the key to solving economic problems | Don Brunell

At the same time President Obama and Congress were locked in combat over raising the nation’s debt ceiling, leaders of state manufacturing associations from across America were meeting right here in Washington.

Flood busting dams save the Northwest | Don Brunell

The U.S. is being inundated with historic floods from Minnesota to Louisiana as a massive amount of water from heavy rainfall and snowmelt races down the Mississippi River. With U.S. taxpayers shouldering the majority of the claims through the National Flood Insurance Program, Bloomberg reports the Mississippi’s surge could result in the highest flooding losses since the $16 billion in claims following Hurricane Katrina.

National health care battle moves to the state | Don Brunell

One of the major provisions in the federal health reform law calls on states to establish health insurance exchanges by 2014. These exchanges were envisioned as virtual “open air markets,” managed by new state agencies, where consumers could compare insurance offerings and choose the best health coverage at the best price.

Gas price point to tapping oil reserves at home | Don Brunell

As the price of gas passes $4 on its way to $5 a gallon, the finger pointing in Washington, D.C. has reached a frenzy as politicians rush to place blame. “Wall Street profiteers!” “Speculators!” “Big Oil!”

Workers compensation system on brink of collapse | Don Brunell

In Illinois, the workers’ comp system is so out-of-control that Democratic state Rep. John Bradley introduced legislation to abolish it and put workers' compensation cases in the state's circuit courts.