Gretchen Leigh

To freeze or not to freeze | Living with Gleigh

I opened my extra freezer the other day and there was a dinosaur frozen in time. I’m not referring to any sort of historical discovery where I would need to call in a paleontologist. I’m also not referring to my lack of housekeeping skills and food left frozen so long it became dinosaur-like. I am talking about a small plastic dinosaur, frozen in a plastic container of water.

Trying to remember how to have fun | Living with Gleigh

I have forgotten how to have fun. It’s rather pathetic, but I realized the other day I struggle to have fun in my every day life. I was contemplating my inability to have fun and thinking of all the times I’ve had fun: partying in my 20’s, dating, getting married, delighting in my little kids, watching them discover the world. It was somewhere in the “delighting in my little kids” when I think I stopped having fun.