‘Get our kids back in class, the correct way’

Wednesday, Sept. 5 was supposed to be the first day of school in Tukwila. Instead, teachers walked the picket line, parents scrambled to figure out where to put their kids, kids were disappointed not to start the new school year and apparently several parents, who are ESL, brought their kids to school because they cannot understand the messages sent by the district.

All of this could of been avoided if you, our elected board, were fighting for the future of our community. These educational staff members (all of them), deserve a livable and fair wage from our district. What they are asking is reasonable. What isn’t reasonable is the blatant over spending of our administration on non-class items. Where this money went is a question the community is asking. But, it is a secondary issue. Our primary focus is getting the classrooms filled with anxious children ready to learn.

What will you be doing to make this right?

As the Tukwila School District website states “Voters consistently support levy and bond issues.”

Yes, we have. Now “Our community eyes are on your actions.”

Get our kids back in class, the correct way — by giving our teachers a wage that will keep them here and one that will attract the best and brightest educators.

Tammy D’Oyley

Parent, volunteer & community member


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