Annual scary story contest names ‘The Creeper’ as winning piece

  • Tuesday, November 20, 2018 2:58pm
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Foster High School recently hosted its scary story contest for the third year.

The English Department along with the school librarian came up with the idea three years ago and now it is a tradition, said Aracelis Urbina, Foster High English Language Arts and Spanish teacher.

Teachers assign students the task of writing a scary story incorporating narrative techniques, Urbina said. While others assign this as a creative writing assignment, she added.

More than 70 entires get narrowed down to eight finalists. To select the winners, the entire school reads the stories in their English class and vote for their top four.


• 1st Place: “The Creeper” by Faisal Sulayman

• 2nd Place: “Unsea of Trees” by Sophia Curry

• 3rd Place: “The Obsession” by Erykah Landreth & Paulina Fuerte

• Honorable Mention: “Found Out” by Monica Hniang Dawt Chin

First Place: “The Creeper”

by Faisal Sulayman

Creeping, slinking, down the road.

Where it goes, nobody knows.

This way of moving, I just adore.

Shadow to shadow, shadows more.

Sneaking about, through the dark.

Under the trees and over the rocks.

Getting hungry, I must find,

A tasty morsel to satisfy.

Oh, what’s this? Here goes a man.

Wandering lost, let’s give him a hand.

Creep up behind him, he has no clue.

Grab his neck, he’s turning blue.

Shake him around, he struggles good.

Starts to limp, to turn into food.

Biting, gnawing, rip the flesh.

Drain his insides, then eat the rest.

There’s the carcass, on the ground.

Dead as a doornail, not a sound.

Let’s get ready, let’s start the feast.

Freshly killed cannot be beat.

Break his arm and chew on his bones.

Rip off his leg and eat some more.

Squish his eyeballs into jam.

Eat the meat like a tasty lamb.

Almost done, the meat’s all gone.

Bones are left, but they won’t be for long.

Feast is done, he’s all devoured.

Just in time, it’s the sunrise hour.

Hide from sunlight, dash away.

Into the darkness to rest and play.

Creeping, slinking, down the road.

Where it goes nobody knows.

This way of moving I just adore.

Shadow to shadow, shadows more.

Creeping, slinking, down the road.

Where it goes, nobody knows.

Creeping, slinking, down the road.

Where it goes, nobody knows.

Creeping, slinking, down the road.

Who am I?

Nobody knows.

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