Annual scary story contest names ‘The Obsession’ as third place

  • Wednesday, November 21, 2018 12:00pm
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Foster High School recently hosted its scary story contest for the third year.

The English Department along with the school librarian came up with the idea three years ago and now it is a tradition, said Aracelis Urbina, Foster High English Language Arts and Spanish teacher.

Teachers assign students the task of writing a scary story incorporating narrative techniques, Urbina said. While others assign this as a creative writing assignment, she added.

More than 70 entires get narrowed down to eight finalists. To select the winners, the entire school reads the stories in their English class and vote for their top four.


• 1st Place: “The Creeper” by Faisal Sulayman

• 2nd Place: “Unsea of Trees” by Sophia Curry

• 3rd Place: “The Obsession” by Erykah Landreth & Paulina Fuerte

• Honorable Mention: “Found Out” by Monica Hniang Dawt Chin

Third Place: “The Obsession”

by Erykah Landreth & Paulina Fuerte

Her name was Beverly Foster, but everyone at school calls her “Heavy Beve.” She wasn’t liked by many; probably because of her father. He became mayor of the town recently and a bunch of laws started to change. Ever since then the town has seemed gloomy and boring as if it was everything was seen in black and white.

On October 25th 1999 Beverly was walking to the Halloween store and on the way she saw Mia. Beverly has had a huge crush on Mia since the 6th grade. While she was at the store she saw a spooky looking mouse pad, Beverly thought it was it was super cute so she bought it. While Mia was in line Beverly finally had the guts to invite her over next week for the Halloween party her parents are having. Mia says “Okay sure that sounds like fun, see you there!”

When Beverly got home she saw the mouse pad was already ripping but before she could throw it away she saw a piece of paper poking out. She looked closer at the paper and it said “ Mr. Galini’s Famous coconut cream pie recipe.” Beverly was so happy and shocked because she would always watch his cooking tv show when she was little. Unfortunately he died four years ago due to cancer. So this recipe is very important to her. Beverly decided to make it for the Halloween party especially because Mia is coming over and she really wants to impress her.

A week has past and finally it’s the day of the party. Beverly is so excited for Mia to come over. Once Mia got there there Beverly ask if she wanted some of her Coconut cream pie. Mia said “ yes.” Then they went to Beverly’s room and sat down to eat some pie. They talked for awhile but then Beverly was nervous so she went to the bathroom real quick. When she got back Mia was passed out on the floor with blood gushing from her mouth ,but she was still breathing! Then she noticed her mouse pad was on the floor and the photos were scattered everywhere on floor! Beverly notice that mia read her secret and stared to hide mia in a box then dug up a hole in her backyard and her parents asked her what is she doing she said”oh just looking at something”

October 25,1999

There was a girl named Mia who was going to visit her grandparents for Halloween because their neighborhood had good candy. On the way there she saw how everything was strange and saw a girl pass by and the girl looked familiar. She looked like this girl from school. She got home and unpacked her stuff and her grandparents asked if she wanted to go to the store. They went to the store and she saw that familiar-looking girl. When she was going to her grandparents house the girl went up to her and said “Hi my name is Beverly we go to school together “

“Hi,” Mia said. Beverly asked her to go to the to her house for a Halloween party that her parents are having; Mia said okay but Mia was so confused about why she hadn’t talked to her when she was at school and why she is talking to Mia right now but Mia really did not care because her grandparents house was boring and she wanted to do something fun.

A week later it was Halloween day and Mia dressed up and went to Beverly’s house. She got there and there was no one there and it was so quiet suddenly she felt something behind her. “Boo!” Beverly said and Mia got so scared that she screamed so loud that Beverly’s parent came outside and said “What’s going on?” as if Beverley did something. Mia got such a bad vibe but then she realized that it is just Halloween.

Mia and Beverly went upstairs and started talking but after a while Mia noticed that Beverly was just talking about her and not herself. Beverly went to get her dad’s famous coconut cream pie meanwhile Mia started to look inside Beverly’s computer and saw a tab that says “Mia my love.” Then Beverly came and gave her the pie and she started eating it.

Beverly had to go to the bathroom she started to take long so meanwhile Mia went to the computer and went to the tab and started reading it. It was a plan to kill Mia. Mia got scared and jumped and knocked down the mouse pab and saw pictures of her going to school she realized that Beverly was obsessed with her and liked Mia a lot.

Then mia felt something in her stomach and blood started coming out of her mouth…

Weeks passed and Mia woke up in a box buried and then she died.

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