Foster High School announces winners of scary story contest

  • Tuesday, October 31, 2017 1:19pm
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Winners of Foster High School’s scary story contest were, from left: Mary Khuu, first place; Moeshana Maiava, second place; Ifrah Hudle, third place; Oriana Tugaga, honorable mention; and Abas Hersi, honorable mention.

Foster High School hosted its scary story contest for the second year.

Some of the school’s English teachers made the contest an assignment in their classes. Teachers selected the top entries, which were narrowed down to five and read and voted on by students in their English classes.

The winners were: first place – “Home Sweet Home” by Mary Khuu, 10th grade; second place – “Untitled” by Moeshana Maiava, 10th grade; third place – “No Pictures, Please” by Ifrah Hudle, 10th grade; and honorable mentions – “A Crow’s Caw” by Oriana Tugaga, 10th grade, and “Alienated” by Abas Hersi, 10th grade.

Showalter Middle School had its own scary story contest this year. Read the winning entry here.

First place

“Home Sweet Home”

By Mary Khuu

“Brringg, brringg!” The bell rang.

“Great. First day of school is over.” Sienna sighed.

Today was the day she came home to her new house. Naturally, a kid would fret more over their day at school than where they were living, but she was different. Moving from a home she had grown up and fallen in love with, she suddenly moved to a dull and monotone atmosphere. She did her best to walk home as slowly as possible, almost as if she had no energy and was dragging her feet.

Nevertheless, she soon came to the front door of her new home. The “Welcome Home” mat didn’t help her mood. Again, she sighed and unlocked the door.

Sienna remembered the colors of celebration and happiness that would flood out of the door she would open whenever she came home. Her mother, father, and older brother would greet her with a huge smile. This time was different. She could not see a color. It was only gray and a musty brown and it gave her a feeling of unease.

Maybe it was the fact that her mother and brother no longer lived with them or the fact that her father no longer cared.

She lazily threw her bag on the couch and called out.

“Dad, I’m home!” She waited a few seconds for a response, but none came. She repeated it again only to get the same response. She walked around the house to see if her dad was anywhere.

Walking to the kitchen, it was evident that her dad wasn’t there either. She turned to face an older woman she had never met. She screamed in panic.

“Surprise!” a group of people of all ages yelled.

“Who are you guys?” she asked as she regained her normal breathing. A boy of her age laughed in a way that gave her chills.

“We are your family, Sienna. I’m Mallory. Didn’t your dad mention us?” Mallory said. Every person had a smile of excitement and was happy. Each one of them came to greet her. But all of it didn’t feel as heartwarming as intended. She felt rather sick and felt a horrible vibe come from them.

“Um, no he didn’t. But thank you for dropping by. Excuse me for just a moment.” She did her best to slip away from the group and opened a door at the farthest end of the hall.

She regretted it. The room was completely pitch black. She was never scared of the dark but what lay in the room made her fall frozen. She wanted to scream. Call for help. Anything. But something told her to stay still.

In the room was her father; he was everywhere. Blots of fresh scarlet blood were visible on the walls, dripping, and his body was no longer intact.What happened to you?

The people in her home were not her family. She needed to escape. Anywhere.

“Wow, I’m surprised how quick you found the room. That’s a record.” Sienna was startled. She felt danger. Her stomach began to tighten and she felt more sick than ever. She didn’t dare turn to see who it was.

“Who,” she began nervously. “…are you? Why?” Sienna felt her legs begin to buckle.

“Your dad was being complicated,” Mallory said, as if he was bored. “I only wanted to create a family. Of course, I don’t usually end up dealing with things that way, but he was being … how do I say this, difficult. Anyone who moves in this house, gets the rare opportunity to live with me forever.”

She felt the boy take a step and she automatically turned to face him. In his hands was a weapon.

“Now, let me give you your chance. Join my family or …” The boy fiddled with a knife in his hand, “… play a game with me. If you win, you may leave. But if you lose…” The boy laughed maniacally.

Sienna ran as fast as she could. But it was too late. There were so many people against her. Screams of agony were quickly heard throughout the halls and rooms but none could be heard from outside the house. Soon after, only two corpses lay on the floor. Everyone else was gone without a trace.

Second place


By Moeshana Maiava

My hair stood on end, a shiver raced down my spine and a lump came to my throat. It was “her,” the girl who kills anyone who tends to trespasses on her property. Stories had been told that there was a teenage girl who was killed near the Tukwila Garden. She is gone, but her presence is still there where she had been killed. There is a myth that if you walk, run, or ride your bike where she had been killed at 8:24 p.m., you will be snatched and you will be killed by “her.”

“Sweetie, it’s 7:30. Hurry you will be late!” Every morning my mom makes me walk to school because school is right there, but she doesn’t seem to know I have to walk Bremers hill every morning and every afternoon. “Okay, I’m leaving, see you later!” Well, here goes another weight loss of 3 pounds.

Every morning I walk by myself, so it’s just me. My parents don’t realize that making friends is a struggle for me. People at Foster High School have been friends with each other ever since those elementary school days. Then there’s me, who is coming straight out of California, a girl who usually keeps to herself, and loves to be independent. I feel like this hill gets bigger and bigger each time I get ready to walk it, I think.

The bell rings and I’m late as usual. Each morning when I enter Foster, I have these stares people always give me. I’m telling you that this school can be weird just because people love to stare. As the periods go by, I get excited every time you hear the bell ring at the end of each class.

As I walk out my 6th period class I get ready for my study time. Every day after school I have this study time where you can do homework and do things that will help you get on track with your grades. I hear an announcement: “ATTENTION all students, DO NOT FORGET THAT THERE IS AN OPEN HOUSE TODAY AT 7:30 p.m.” Well that wouldn’t be so bad to go to, I guess I can go to that and try and make new friends.

“Hi! So the best qualities of this college….” And of course I am here to know what the good and the bad qualities of these different colleges have, but each college stand I went to would only talk about the good things they have in their school. After a couple walks around of getting to know the good of each college I call my mom to come pick me up because it was so late and too dark to walk.

“You have reached the voicemail box of …” After a couple times of me calling her she still wouldn’t pick up so therefore, I had to get to steppin’.

It was cold, it was late, and there was nobody walking at this time. Back in Cali it’s warmer and more street lights and more people walking, but here it is very cold, and it is very dark. They have a lot of street lights but half of them are off, and there is no one walking when it’s only 8:15 p.m. right now. There are no cars, absolutely no one.

As I cross the bridge at the bottom of the Bremers hill, I could hear all the cars passing by and I could feel the breeze, so there I stood just to get some air. 8:20 p.m and I am still walking. My phone rings.

“Sorry sweetie, my phone died. I’m just coming back from the store. Where are you?” Now she wants to call when I am almost home. “I just crossed the bridge and now I will be passing the Tukwila Garden.” It took my mom a second to answer back. “Sweetie, do not walk any further. DO NOT GET CLOSE TO THAT GARDEN!!” As I stopped walking to hear my mother, she starts to scream and you could hear the engine go fast as if my mom was speeding. “Mom what is it!?” I get scared as I hear her breathing heavily, and her starting to cry. “WHEREVER YOU ARE STAY PUT I’M COMING DO NOT TAKE ANOTHER STEP.”

I am here, staying put, just like my mother said. I get scared because I could hear the breeze come through your ears and no one walking or no one driving. It was dark where I was standing so I walked to where there was light, and it was right next to the Tukwila Garden. My phone rings again and it’s mother. “Sweetie, where you at? I’m here!!!” I walk to the street toward the car and my mom is crying as if I died or something. “Mom, I’m okay.”

As we leave my mom takes a moment and just breathes. Then … “MOM, WATCH OUT!” Crash! As I feel myself slowly leaving, all I could hear was a voice saying “No one enters my property…”

Third place

“No Pictures, Please”

By Ifrah Hudle

It has been exactly two months since mum died, and papa is not here. Everyone has been on the lookout for him. My family just tells me he just couldn’t take it anymore, but my older brother thinks otherwise.

The night he was heading out the door, my brother I and ran downstairs, and as he headed towards the door my brother shouted out “Coward, that’s why we don’t even need you here!” My father gave me one last look and that was the last of him.

Nothing’s going as we thought it would. Zane can’t look after me, I mean he is only eighteen. My aunt isn’t much help either, rehab didn’t go so well for her. My grandma keeps suggesting I go to boarding school, Lionheart Academy, but it’s all the way in Oxford, England. Well, we’ll see how everything turns out.

I wake up and I smell chocolate banana pancakes and that can only mean one thing: Grandma’s home! I freshen up and then rush down to the kitchen. I see grandma leaning over the stove and I wrap my arms around her hips. Zane and I are sitting at the table when Gran comes over and whispers “Guess what?” “What gran?” Zane says, with syrup all over his mouth. “You’re leaving today at 9:00 with my friend’s granddaughter.” “No, why, huh?” I say eyebrows pushed together in confusion. “It’s good for everyone, Zane is headed to college, and I’m only in town for a few more days.” There’s no one to look after me in Benson.

Me and Taishu, my grandma’s friend’s granddaughter, are the only girls from Benson headed Oxford for the boarding school. She seems nice, I guess. The full ten-mile drive was very quiet and a huge stone lion catches my eye as we reach our destination. Just to point out, this pace is nothing like the brochure describes it. It’s grey and dull. Taishu pulls out her cellphone, opens her Flitter app and writes #Nogoodvibes as she takes a picture of the building.

When we arrive, an elderly woman opens the entrance to the school. Our rooms are not too shabby – at least we get them to ourselves. I go to sleep to prepare for a long school day. I wake up, freshen myself up and head downstairs to eat breakfast. I see Taishu and coincidentally we have all the same classes together.

First class, theatre. My theatre teacher is quite odd and didn’t show much of her face. She didn’t speak much but constantly wrote on the board. Everyone in class was having side conversations, and I could hear some people talk about something that left shock across their faces. “What are they talking about?” I ask the girl sitting on my left. She told me about some girl named Irma who was a very curious girl and it somehow always got her in trouble. She always talked about this creature she’s was trying to catch in the lake behind the school, and she was very content about it. One day, she went missing and the teachers rushed to the lake, only to find her precious camera broken to a million pieces.

Finally I was done with school, but that story still stayed in the back of my mind. No homework, what is there to do? I was walking to the restroom and I saw a poster that read “2nd Annual Scary story contest; come out writers and show off your scary skills with us and your classmates. Deadline is Friday the 13th”. Should I? I ran to my room and grabbed the camera my brother lent me when I left home. It’s still light outside and no one should see me back here. As I headed to the lake, I got more and more excited. Irma’s not here so what if I could find that creature? Wouldn’t that make one hell of a story?

I set up my camera and leave it there by an old abandoned shack across the lake. It was a non-windy day so I didn’t see why not. I went back before classes started and ran to grab my camera. I looked through my recordings and all I could see was an image of a white sheet of paper that read “LEAVE NOW!” Of course it’s probably Taishu trying to play a trick on me; she’s the only one I’ve told about my story and is my competition.

The next day there was no message. Poor Taishu, she’s already given up. I look through my recordings once more and I press play. The lake starts moving vigorously and I can see a shape forming. I zoom in and our eyes meet, black alligator like body, bright narrow yellow eyes and a look that can kill. I looked up at the lake and in a matter of seconds, I was curled up in my bed, scared to death of what I just saw. Did I really just see that? Maybe I’m hallucinating? Nope I know what I saw.

Taishu swings by my room to walk to class together. “Hey, why are you still in bed?” She walks up to me and I can feel her warm hands touch my shivering forehead. “Are you okay Zoya?”

“No, I … I … saw …”

“What? What did you see?”

“The mo…monster!”

”Stop playing with me Zoya”.

“I swear it’s all in my camera”.

She grabs the camera and clicks through. “Zoya, there’s nothing here,” she says as I grab the camera from her hand.

“I swear it was all here!”

“Whatever, just hurry up and get dressed.”

I came back from classes and I was exhausted. Off to bed for me. I’m done with that assignment, but I sure going to look for that video.

I woke up with a start, something was in my room. The wardrobe doors opened and it came out. I can’t breathe, I’m frozen in place. I walk slowly towards the door. “Don’t even try it,” it says with a raspy voice. I try to head for the doorknob when I hear, “No one can save you now!” I turn around and terrifying, yellow eyes was the last thing I can remember about that day. Now, I spend my days trapped in the cave beneath the lake, with only Irma’s grave to keep me company. The creature tells me I’ll have more company soon enough.

Honorable mention

“A Crow’s Caw”

By Oriana Tugaga

Closer and closer it came, getting bigger and bigger, filling the sky above – was the moon falling? Screams and loud, ear piercing caws could be heard from all around. Crows were bunched up all around one man, who was struggling to fight them off, until everything went silent.

A sudden beep was heard, first distinct, but now growing louder and louder until Ten was abruptly awoken from his sleep.

Groaning rather loudly, he turned to face his nightstand which held his alarm, lazily reaching his hand over the alarm and shutting it off. Ten stared at the ceiling for a short amount of time, before slowly rising from his bed and looking around his room. He looked down to see his bags he had packed the night before for a vacation he had won. He had won a vacation from a website which was named “The Birds Nest.”

They were self-proclaimed as great vacation advisors, and helped those who felt they needed a break. How he won a vacation, Ten didn’t know, but work was starting to get more stressful than usual, and he wasn’t about to waste his chance at a free vacation.

The vacation was at a cabin which had just enough space for one or two people. It was deep in the woods, which was much to Ten’s liking. He hadn’t wanted to go on vacation where millions of people went; he liked to have his own space and time. He never really liked commotion.

Getting ready to leave, Ten noticed that a crow was standing outside of his window, staring directly at him, like it was observing him, waiting. Feeling a bit creeped out, Ten hurried in getting ready. Walking out of his house, the crow was now standing on the side of his walkway, still staring hard at Ten.

When he had walked around the bird, it cawed loudly at him, causing Ten to hurriedly get into his car and drive towards the cabin site.

When he reached the camping site, he noticed the large trees, and how small the cabin he would be staying in was. It was fully made out of wood, with glass windows and a dirt pathway from the road to the front door. Sighing, Ten parked to the left side of the house, getting out of the car into the cold air.

Crows were gathered around the cabin in a disorganized fashion, all seeming to stare down at Ten as he reached the front door. He fumbled with the key he was given through the mail, finally opening the door and dropping his stuff next to a stand inside, feeling around the walls to find a light switch.

Turning on the lights and picking back up his bag, Ten walked towards the kitchen, looking around to find the cabin quite comfortable looking. He walked into the main bedroom, dropping his bag and unpacking.

Looking slightly to the side, Ten had seen a crow staring inside of the cabin, directly at him. He only shrugged it off as something that was usual in the woods, and kept unpacking his things. The crow cawed once, then again, and again, until it just repeated non-stop. Ten had started to get a little scared as this same thing happened in the morning, but decided to turn around anyway.

And the crow wasn’t there.

After finishing everything, Ten looked outside and, seeing that it was still daylight, decided he could go out for a walk. Sure, he was a bit scared by a crow, but nothing bad could happen, right?

Ten walked out, taking a deep breath of the cold, winter air, and started walking. He followed a little trail that had markings on it just in case you got lost. He walked deeper and deeper into the woods, his mind wandering and getting distracted by small things like bugs or the cold wind on his skin.

Deciding that this was enough walking for the day, he turned back, making his way over to the cabin. Walking without thinking, he heard a crack when he stepped forward, causing confusion to suddenly run through Ten’s veins.

Quickly lifting up his foot, he saw an egg underneath his shoe, cracked with a small fetus of a bird on the inside, now squished by him. He stared at it in horror, quickly shaking off the bird from his boot, wiping the residue on the dirt ground and grunting.

He suddenly heard a shriek and Ten looked up, seeing crows all around him, cawing and staring intently at him.

“I didn’t mean it! I swear!” he said, holding his arms while talking to the birds. The crows slowly approached Ten.

Ten bolted towards the cabin, initiating the crows to fly towards him, some catching up and clawing at his jacket and face, leaving large, bleeding marks. Ten screamed loudly, but kept running as one of the crows caught his left eye.

When he saw the cabin, he picked up his pace, rushing through the door and closing it behind him, locking the door and running to the kitchen, opening the nearest drawers to find a weapon, anything to protect himself.

As he was doing so, the multiple crows were cawing loudly and scratching the windows, the door, the walls. Finding close to nothing, he ran into the living room, and frantically looked around for something, panting loudly and throwing around things like they would protect him.

He heard talons hit the hard cement of the chimney behind him, the flapping of wings, and held his breath. The last thing heard was a crow’s caw.

Honorable mention


By Abas Hersi

Driving in the barren cornfield my father-in-law owned perfectly illustrated the depressing state of my future. In the 25th century, the Earth finally decided to retaliate against humanity’s heinous crimes. Its endured our carelessness for too long and the catastrophic war I fought in certainly didn’t make the Earth want to shrivel up oceans and destroy farms (which are scarce in number) any less. I was a co-pilot with my wife, Verona Jankins; we would fight off the Russians, Turks, and Arabians at the front lines of our home, Salem, Massachusetts. Despite all of her efforts, however, she wouldn’t remember to put gas into her plane. My rage only heightens at the thought of preventing such a carele-

“BISAL!” screamed Jacob.

I was driving with our 10-year-old son, Jacob Jankins, as our truck swerved and came to a screeching halt. “Dad, you’ve struck a stray dog!” screeched Jacob. I got out of the car and told Jacob to stay as I greeted the canine. If there’s only one useful lesson I learned while serving my country, it’s that there are two kinds of pain: pain that makes you stronger and useless pain. I slowly put my hands around its neck and began to squeeze. I’ve never really had the time to tolerate useless pain; the dog began to whimper but it eventually reached a still, cold silence and thus the pain came to an end.

I was keen to notice the tag on the dog’s collar as it lay on the ground. I was flabbergasted to see that it read “We’re expecting you,” followed by an address. I couldn’t resist my impulses, so within two hours of entering the coordinates into my GPS, our truck approached a rectangular building ingrained into a mountain.

My curiosity urged me to cut the fence that surrounded the building with my wire cutters. As I attempted to do so, alarms went off and Jacob and I were sedated. I woke up to greetings from the famous professor, Richard Feynman.

“I knew you would come,” he said cryptically. “You’re the best pilot alive and whether or not you lead this expedition will determine humanity’s fate.”

I reluctantly asked how long I would be gone for my son’s sake to which he responded: “Save him”.

A few months of training and preparation led me to the front seat of the TRACER spacecraft with a heavy suit on and transceiver in hand. Feynman was informing me of the wormhole I needed to enter during blastoff.

“Remember, the only planets inhabitable are the ones across the wormhole”.

Once I was stabilized in space, I had a large sum of time to physically train myself for whatever I may endure. After what felt like an eternity, Feynman notified me of the wormholes presence. I was surprised to see a large twist of what looked like a galaxy from afar.

A second later, my ship suffered unfathomable levels of turbulence which resulted in my entrance to another galaxy. Some time passed as I stumbled into a planet that might become humanity’s home. It was a large blue planet that seemed to have a concentrated black hole as it’s moon. Moments later, I landed on what seemed to be a planet that was primarily water. I took advantage of this by coming out of my ship and seeing what the planet was like.

The gravitational pull seemed to have been 100 times stronger than its Earth equivalent, but nonetheless, the waves were silent and still. I was pondering why the waters were so calm when I noticed a mountain that was larger than Mount Everest was slowly moving towards me. Unfortunately, it wasn’t a mountain but a gigantic wave generated by the obscure moon.

I quickly rushed back into the ship and attempted to reach Mr. Feynman, with no luck. I frantically stumbled across a video of a man I’ve never seen before on my ship’s PC. Once the man opened his mouth, my heart stopped beating and my mind went blank. That fully-grown adult was my son, Jacob; I sat through decades worth of videos in which he explained that I would be gone for at least 200 years and everyone who relies on me will die, if they aren’t dead already. The tears I wept after watching all of that accumulated to more than that wave ever will but I embraced it with the ship regardless of its utter and absolute insignificance.


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