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  • Tuesday, June 19, 2018 1:50pm
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The following police blotter entries were taken from the Tukwila Police Department’s Facebook page.

Wednesday, June 13

Attempted Mail Theft: 200 block Andover Park West

A female decided to enter the post office just after 7 a.m. and try to open all the P.O. boxes with a key that didn’t work and a screw driver. Clear cut sketchy behavior no doubt. Officers located her nearby in a parking lot. She is suspected of having partook in similar behavior at the same location the previous week.

Commercial Burglary: 200 block Andover Park East

Multiple tools were taken from a locked area of a commercial building between 12:30 – 1 a.m. The thief wearing a hoodie was caught on camera. Our compliments to him for not having the forethought to wear gloves while touching everything.

Suspicious Report/Dispute: 13300 block Macadam Road South

A female from Seattle called 911 stating that she had been assaulted by her boyfriend with a gun in Tukwila. Officers surrounded the residence due to the nature of the call and attempted to contacted anyone present inside and got no answer. Upon calling the female back, she stated that she had gone to work and became uncooperative. Officers were able to locate her and spoke with her about the incident. She stated that it had just been a verbal argument and that she had blown the whole thing out of proportion.

Theft: 16200 block West Valley Highway

A male that was vacuuming his car out at a gas station had his jacket stolen containing his house and car keys. A transient female not from Tukwila was located nearby at a homeless encampment in possession of the jacket.

Lewd Conduct: 17200 block Southcenter Parkway

A male definitely old enough to know better was observed by a passerby in his vehicle operating something other than the vehicle. He fled prior to officer’s arrival.

Shoplift: Southcenter District

Two juvenile males that had previously shoplifted returned to the store and grabbed a phone that was in the process of being sold to a customer and fled. There are literally tons of surveillance cameras in this store so we have great photos and videos of these two who are now in possession of a worthless paperweight.

Shoplift: 6800 block South 180th Street

A male came up with a seriously cringe worthy plot to steal $100 worth of saw blades by shoving them down the front of his pants (What could possibly go wrong?!). He was detained by loss prevention and arrested by citation.

DV Assault: 14200 block 37th Avenue South

A male from Seattle was seen struggling with a female and forcing her into a vehicle. Officers quickly responded and located the vehicle stopped in the roadway. Both the male and female were removed from the car and multiple firearms and magazines were recovered from the vehicle and from the female’s purse. The male was booked on DV Assault charges.

Thursday, June 14

Assault:15000 block Tukwila International Boulevard

A male confronted another male from SeaTac that he suspected of theft. The suspect responded by striking him with a hammer. The suspect fled and was not located. He is well known to us from many many many previous arrests and encounters over the past several years.

Dispute: 300 block Treck Drive

We received several inquiries yesterday as to what happened at this location. A female from Kent got into a very loud and heated argument with a male at the location. She was contacted several times throughout due to her behavior.

Theft: 15600 block 47th Avenue South

Reporting party stated that a male had just stolen his wallet and fled on foot. Officers located the suspect who is an adult male from Tacoma in the 16000 block of Tukwila International Boulevard. He was identified as being the correct individual and arrested by citation.

Theft: 15700 block Southcenter Parkway

A vehicle was broken into and a firearm was taken from it.

Shoplift/Warrant Arrest: Southcenter District

A male from Seattle with a very lengthy criminal resume was detained by loss prevention for shoplifting. He had outstanding felony and misdemeanor warrants for Burglary, Trespass, Theft, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia out of King County, Bellevue and Redmond. He was booked on the warrants.

Welfare Check: 16200 block West Valley Highway

Passerby heard a female yelling for help behind a business. Officers located a transient female that was suffering from extreme dehydration and called Tukwila Fire Department for aid. She was transported to the hospital for treatment.

Shoplift/Warrant Arrest: Southcenter District

A female from Kent that also had a lengthy criminal resume was detained by loss prevention for shoplifting. She had outstanding theft warrants for Theft out of Kent and Federal Way. She was booked on the warrants.

Attempted Vehicle Prowl: Southcenter District

Two males from Seattle were observed by a witness looking into cars and trying multiple door handles in the parking lot. They were contacted by officers and identified.

Trespassing/Warrant Arrest: 14100 block Tukwila International Boulevard

A guest checking into a hotel room just before 11 p.m. opened the door to find a woman from Seattle that was not a guest sleeping in the bed. He attempted to wake Goldilocks but was unsuccessful. She finally decided that it was time to go once she realized 911 had been called and fled on foot. Officers located her not too far away and detained her. She won the prize for the most outstanding warrants of the day with felony and misdemeanor warrants for Theft, Attempting to Elude Police Vehicle, Hit & Run, Assaulting a Police Officer etc out of Kent, Federal Way and King County. She was booked on the warrants.

Dispute: 3700 block South 144th Street

Once again, the drama was thick in the drive-thru just after 11 p.m. when a customer in his late teens that wasn’t pleased with his order pulled back around into the drive-thru and threw the food at the employee. The employee successfully ducked the flying pickles, bun and onslaught of ketchup and was not injured. The cheap thrills seeker fled now without food and out the money he spent on his order. He was not located.

Welfare Check: 10700 block 27th Avenue South

A male from Seattle showed up to work just before midnight highly intoxicated. Due to his state of intoxication, he was unable to be present at work but employees worried that he would drive home. An officer spoke with him and provided a courtesy transport for him back to his residence in Seattle.

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