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  • Monday, July 16, 2018 12:17pm
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The following blotter entries were posted on the Tukwila Police Department’s Facebook:


Tuesday, July 10

Vehicle Pursuit: 14800 block Military Road

An officer spotted a stolen vehicle and attempted to stop the vehicle. The teenage driver wanting to live out his Grand Theft Auto fantasies decided to not stop and fled from the officer. A brief pursuit ensued southbound on Tukwila International Blvd until officers discontinued the pursuit for safety reasons due to the suspects clear lack of driving abilities.

Commercial Burglary: 14500 block Interurban Avenue South

Officers responded to a commercial alarm around 6:30 a.m. Upon arriving, they found the entrance doors ajar and the lights off. They also located a male from Seattle chilling on a couch and observed that the alarm control panel had been ripped off of the wall. The suspect had many tall tales to tell about why he was there, none of which made any sense thus making him the Pinocchio Award recipient of the day. He was taken into custody. A substance consistent with crystal meth was found on his person as well as a glass pipe with burnt residue. Drugs are bad m’kay. He was booked.

Commercial Burglary: 300 block Tukwila Parkway

Sometime overnight, someone(s) broke into a business that is in the business of blowing air. Air is free. No need to break into a business to steal it. Gives a whole new meaning to the term oxygen thieves.

Poorly Attempted Shoplift: 6800 block South 180th Street

A male that is a known shoplifter returned to the scene of his previous crime to try and one-up himself by stealing a lawnmower this time. This was clearly a poor idea as attempting to steal such a large object does not exactly make for a quick getaway nor is it inconspicuous to just wheel out the door unnoticed. Realizing the error of his poor decision, he decided to ditch the lawn mower and run. He fled in a gold Dodge Dakota hopefully back to Shelton where the vehicle is registered.

Shoplift/Warrant Arrest: 17100 block Southcenter Parkway

It’s a tale as old as time. A male from Port Orchard and a female from Auburn both with felony DOC Escape warrants and lengthy criminal histories decided to embark on a criminal journey to draw attention to themselves by shoplifting rather than laying low like common sense would dictate. They were contacted at their getaway vehicle in the parking lot by officers and taken into custody. Both were booked on the warrants.

Immature Behavior: 3700 block South 144th Street

A female believing that another female had cut in line in front of her decided to make a scene and threaten the victim. When the victim left the store, the suspect double down on her childish behavior and threatened to slash the victims tires then attempted to follow the victim in her car by going the wrong way southbound on Tukwila International Blvd. The victim contacted officers at the Neighborhood Resource Center after the suspect made the only wise decision of the entire situation on her end by just driving away.

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