King County Council declares June Immigrant Heritage Month

  • Tue Jun 13th, 2017 1:03pm
  • News

Representatives from several immigration groups join a County Council members Larry Gossett, far left, Dave Upthegrove, second from left, and Joe McDermott, third from left, after the council proclaimed June as Immigrant Heritage Month in King County.

Some of the first people who arrived in what we call America were avoiding religious persecution. Others came to escape famine and conflict.

Today, many still come fleeing the violence and oppression in the lands they were born, seeking a better life. Immigrants continue to be part of the rich tapestry that is America and on Tuesday the King County Council recognized that heritage by declaring June Immigrant Heritage Month in King County.

“Immigrants and refugees make up the fabric of every community in King County,” said Council Chair Joe McDermott in a media release. “In June we highlight the incredible value immigrants bring to our region, and we must continue to ensure that our county remains a safe and welcoming place for all residents, no matter their place of birth, in the months and years ahead.”

Of the 2-million residents of King County, more than 1-in-5 were born outside of the United States and are part of a fabric that includes 170 languages being spoken in the county.

The council was joined by representatives from the King County Immigrant and Refugee Task Force, the Refugee Women’s Alliance, Coalition of immigrants, Refugees and Communities of Color, the Chinese Information and Service Center and others for the Tuesday recognition.

Immigrant Heritage Month celebrates the diversity that is part of the past and current generations that arrived in America, recognizing the common challenges that all newcomers face and acknowledging the county’s commitment to aiding and welcoming the newest residents of our region.