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  • Monday, November 19, 2018 2:28pm
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The following police blotter entries are from the Tukwila Police Department’s Facebook page.

November 14

• Shoplift — Southcenter District

A female from Oregon shoplifted from a department store and fled dropping the merchandise outside the store. Officers responded to multiple sightings of the suspect at a few locations until finally being spotted by an officer on the corner about 25 minutes after the incident began. The suspect was positively identified by loss prevention and arrested for shoplifting.

• Civil Issue — Southcenter District

A customer and an employee got into a dispute over the payment method of a transaction which resulted in the customer calling 911 because the employee would not review surveillance footage to settle the issue.

• Warrant Arrest — 18000 block Southcenter Parkway

Bizarre call that started in Seattle so here’s the easier to follow Cliff Notes version of events followed by the summary. Cliff Notes version of events: dude allowed to stay in someone else’s RV. Dude steals said RV when they leave, calls 911 on himself because victim and friend are following and ends up being booked for outstanding warrants. A passenger in an RV called 911 claiming that two vehicles were following her and her friend from Seattle who was driving and trying to get the RV to pull over. Officers located the RV and the two vehicles after they exited Interstate 5. Here is where things get bizarre. A female from Everett in one of the vehicles told officers that the motorhome had been purchased by her wife at auction in Seattle and that her wife had let the guy driving the motorhome stay in it. While out running errands, a friend called the wife saying that the suspect was driving away in her motorhome and that the friend was now following it. They had not reported the RV as stolen however. It turned out that the RV driver had a felony warrant out of the King County Sheriff’s Office for Possession of a Stolen Vehicle and another warrant out of Texas for Trespassing. He was booked.

• Assault/Shoplift — Southcenter District

A male from Burien stole a pair of sunglasses and exited the store without paying for them. A female employee confronted the suspect outside of the store and saw the sunglasses in plain sight in his bag. She retrieved the sunglasses. As she was walking away the suspect grabbed her and threw her to the ground. A witness intervened and was struck in the head by the suspect during the struggle that ensued but was able to wrestle him to the ground until officers arrived and detained him. The suspect had a Theft warrant out of Normandy Park. He was booked on the warrant and arrested for Assault and Theft. Victims were checked out by Tukwila Fire Department on the scene.

• Trespass — 17600 block Southcenter Parkway

A repeat shoplifter from Des Moines who regularly steals high dollar amounts of merchandise returned yet again and loaded up a basket of merchandise. Employees immediately recognized her and called 911. Officers contacted her inside the store and trespassed her from the location.

• Warrant Arrest/Shoplifting — 300 block Stander Blvd

A male from Seattle was detained by loss prevention for shoplifting. He had a warrants out of Seattle for weapons violations and theft. He was booked.

• Warrant Arrest/Shoplifting — 17600 block Southcenter Parkway

Two females who had previously shoplifted returned to the location and were spotted by employees who called 911. One of the females from Tukwila was booked on a Theft warrant out of Bellevue. The other was trespassed from the location.

• Warrant Arrest — 500 block Industry Drive

Officers contacted two males around 11:30 p.m. in an area that has been hit with several burglary and vehicle prowls overnight. One of the males from Kent had felony warrants for two counts of Violating a No Contact Order out of Burien. He was booked.

For more blotter entires, follow the Tukwila Police Department on Facebook.

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