Election enemy? Look in the mirror | Chuck Parrish

When it comes to politics, we are our own worst enemies. Many of us are willfully ignorant of what goes on around us and choose not to vote. In the August primary, 82 percent of Tukwila voters did not vote.

About 35 residents attended the School Board candidate forum. This problem is nationwide and, worse, children observe and repeat the pattern as adults.

Professionally run campaigns are pragmatic, not ideological. They understand voting patterns and try to work it to their benefit. Primaries, off-year general elections, presidential elections. Each is handled differently. Nothing wrong with that. The job is to do what it takes to win. It is not to fight the good fight.

The evidence is clear that, most of the time, we will not fulfill our responsibilities as voters. Extreme policies will occasionally get passed with negative consequences. At times, extremist ideological candidates will be elected. Small numbers of motivated or uninformed voters determine the outcomes. We deserve what we get when we do not pay attention, do not volunteer, do not run for office and do not vote. It is not the government’s fault or the campaign’s fault. The fault, dear friends, is ours. We are our own worst enemies.

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