Tukwila offers a variety of shops, restaurants and entertainment, including many in and around Westfield Southcenter. COURTESY PHOTO/Seattle Southside Regional Tourism Authority

Grateful for all Tukwila offers | Chuck Parrish

The city of Tukwila is developing a program to encourage our friends in the region to visit Tukwila and, in particular, our Southcenter area/Tukwila Urban Center (TUC). It is a great place to shop, dine and play.

It made me wonder if we Tukwila residents appreciate what we have. Why is it a great place? It is the diversity of the mix of businesses and the fact that they are primarily family budget-friendly.

We can expect reasonable prices for products, services and dining out in our community. We can check out a movie at the Regal or AMC theaters or bowl.

We can indoor sky dive or race go-karts. Nearby Family Fun Center and the Starfire Sports complex offer other options. We have local access to the commuter rail and Amtrak, with parking.

Besides being family budget-friendly and close by, local businesses offer a painless way to contribute to our city tax revenues. It is money that we would spend anyway. It is not a special levy, property tax, utility tax or any other tax. It is just the general sales tax that we would have to pay anywhere.

I appreciate what we have in Tukwila. How about you?