Tukwila’s teens showing they can lead, serve others | Editor’s Note

There are teenagers throughout Tukwila who proved they are up to the challenges ahead of them, because they’ve already accomplished their toughest challenge so far, earning a high school diploma.

America: keep hubris in check | Chuck Parrish

In areas where we seem to be going off the rails, America would be wise to consider public policies that seem to work well in other countries.

Choose career wisely; think about teaching | Supt. Nancy Coogan

Congratulations to all our graduates this centennial year! If there’s one lesson from your schooling that I hope you take with you, it’s this: You have limitless potential and whatever you choose to pursue passionately, you will achieve.

  • May 19, 2015

Ladies Night Out is fun, inspirational | Publisher’s Note

I wanted to say thank you to Southwest King County Chamber of Commerce for putting on such a nice event; Ladies Night Out at Westfield Southcenter was a huge hit. The Ladies Night Out event was held at the Westfield Sky Terrace on a beautiful evening.

Tukwila’s future is in its neighborhoods | Editor’s note

May 7 is when the rubber hits the road to begin making that vision a reality. The city has chosen Allentown as the first neighborhood to go through an extensive process that includes a survey of what’s good or bad about the neighborhood.

Forming a Tukwila School District bond that helps students | Supt. Nancy Coogan

The Tukwila School District's bond committee will start meeting Thursday, April 16. This diverse group will look at how our student population is expected to grow and how our program needs are projected to expand in the decades to come.

Power to the people, consider running for office | Letter to the editor

Because of the poor economy, it is imperative that we elect people dedicated to bringing service-costs within our ability to pay for them. Currently, the City of Tukwila is raising fees and taxes that fall most heavily on those of us in our community least able to pay for them.

  • Mar 19, 2015

Foster High School Centennial: Celebrate, reconnect | Supt. Nancy Coogan

Foster High is the heart of the Tukwila community, and we invite everyone to come for singing, dancing, remembering, connecting, food, and fun during the official celebration starting at 3 p.m. Saturday, March 21, at the school.

Prudent budget policies brought city through the Recession | Chuck Parrish

The General Fund ongoing revenue numbers reflect the most predictable regular streams of revenue upon which the most predictable regular expenses are budgeted.

Getting around is easy to do in Tukwila | Editor’s note

The ability to get around, to our jobs, to our schools – anywhere, really – is simply a fundamental part of life and a fundamental responsibility of our governments.

When all is said and done, Tukwila staff, process is good | Chuck Parrish

Some believe that policy makers automatically give a thumbs up to staff recommendations. This belief is simplistic. Staff is critical to a decision-making process.

Life’s lessons learned on basketball court | Editor’s note

Ronnie and Freddie Roberson are stars on the Foster basketball court. Their ability goes way beyond putting up a bunch of points on the scoreboard.

Family first makes Tukwila a strong place | Editor’s note

There’s a common theme running through much of this month’s Tukwila Reporter. It’s family. It starts with Tukwila’s First Family, Jim and Carol Haggerton and their children and grandchildren. Jim is entering his final year as mayor, leaving behind a city where families can prosper a big part of his legacy.

The arts make for a wonderful gift any time of the year | Chuck Parrish

We enrich our lives and the lives of our children when we provide opportunities to appreciate the creative arts.

Tukwila school community shows caring spirit | Supt. Nancy Coogan

Your support has not gone unnoticed; the family says they have been wrapped in care, and it has made all the difference. They are greatly, humbly appreciative, and they feel a renewed sense of home here.

Ballots in good hands of hundreds of election workers | Chuck Parrish

Ballot processing takes place in a large secure convention-like area with desks, tables, computers, white boards and special equipment everywhere. Everyone wears a lanyard with an identification tag. A 40,000-unit-per-hour Pitney Bowes machine scans the envelope signatures. Every signature is compared to a previous signature.

Project Feast gives immigrants a cooking chance | Editor’s note

Project Feast and Tukwila are a perfect fit. Tukwila has a large commercial-grade kitchen at the community center. Project Feast wants immigrants and refugees it serves to find jobs in the food industry and brings diverse cultures together through their traditional foods.

  • Nov 18, 2014

A boo-tiful time for Tukwila’s schools | Supt. Nancy Coogan

By all accounts, October is certainly a ch-eerie and boo-tiful time in the Tukwila schools! See you at the Homecoming game.

  • Oct 15, 2014

How would you vote if gun pointed at your family? | Chuck Parrish

Soon we will be voting on the issue of background checks and gun ownership. Let’s put aside our sterile arguments regarding background checks and gun rights. These arguments incline us to look past the grim realities of gun-related deaths in our communities.

Tukwila teens, check out the Foster Library | Letter to the editor

The Foster Library has cool programs like Life After High School, a series of college and career readiness programs, and they’re free.

  • Oct 15, 2014