Tukwila needs to take care of business | Letter to the editor

Tukwila city government needs to take care of business, such as water resources, revenue collections, expenditures and federal law enforcement.

One example: Our city water pressure continues to decline, minimums are constantly lowered and price continues to rise. What is our city doing about water supply and price-escalating conditions? This is an issue that should show up on the City Council’s agenda periodically, maybe twice a year, to keep residents informed about what the city is doing to improve water supply/price. Council reports are about social activities, not about what’s going on in the committees which are charged with taking care of business. The point is council member reports, the mayor’s report and others are predominately about boondoggle trips, council chats and city schools. Ordinances are passed by title only without any discussion, which gives the appearance the public doesn’t need to know. Contrarily, we need to know how our tax dollars are being spent. The word “cost” must be another four letter word because it is rarely, if ever mentioned, in council meetings.

Let’s have more council discussions about the meat-and-potato issues facing our city and less innuendo reporting.

City government is charged with the responsibility of being our fiduciary, reasonably taxing its residents and judiciously overseeing the reasonable expenditure of such collections. So taking care of business is the first priority of our city government, mayor and City Council, who seem to be unduly preoccupied with social issues instead. So what are we to do?

We must hold our city government responsible for defining city government within the federal and state codes for governance of the city. We should not accept deviations from federal law (immigration and retail marijuana stores). To do so is an apparent indirect violation of the oath of office of our elected office holders. We need to insist on more transparency and less preoccupation with social issues.

Further we must, as our civic duty, hold all candidates for City Council accountable for their campaign literature and rhetoric and not accept meaningless innuendo that tells us nothing about how the candidate will govern. Adherence to all Tukwila ordinances and applicable state and federal laws and taking care of business is the first order of governance. Accordingly, how do the candidates feel about additional taxing of city residents, our sanctuary city status, retail marijuana stores, Tukwila International Boulevard development, requests for massive additional public safety buildings funds, transparency in union contract negotiations, tax expenditures, incentive budgeting and contracting, treating all school districts that draw Tukwila students with equal proportional support, Tukwila pond development, letting our city grow on the basis of what the economy supports and the need for three new fire stations instead of two? Let’s be ready to cast an informed vote in November.

— Bill Holstine