We want your help in finding new superintendent

  • Thursday, September 20, 2018 12:12pm
  • Opinion

We have had several changes at the Tukwila School District over the past few weeks. We have been able to meet those challenges head on and in the end we gained a better understanding of what is valued among our teachers, staff, students and community. The road ahead will look differently than the one we just traveled. The new direction we adopt will be filled with choices that will test our patience, strength, resourcefulness, faith in humanity and resolve to serve the children in our schools.

We will at all times be forced to think about the whole picture our decisions will paint, and not just the smaller pieces that reflect the image we want to portray. This new road will force us to be completely honest with ourselves and with our community. And on the roadmap of transparency that we are following, we will be compelled to face the ugly truths of our actions, reactions, interactions and inactions. This process may at times derail our purest of intentions. But it is our sincere hope that through this continued learning process we do the right thing and don’t lose sight of our ultimate goal of putting our children’s well-being first. We can’t make our way to this achievable goal by ourselves.

We want to take you, the Tukwila community along for our journey. It is impossible to continue our success as a respected school district without your help.

Over the next few weeks we will be holding multiple forums, meetings and listening sessions across our district. We want you, the stakeholders, to be involved in the process of selecting our next superintendent.

We will cast our net widely among us, and you, our families in our district and community will help us come up with a clear picture of the district leader who will best reflect the community in which the superintendent will serve. We want to listen to your point of view. We want to give you the voice that will send a message of educational sustainability for years to come. Please help us.

We will broadcast our next meeting locations on all of our Tukwila School District social media sites, as well as on the Tukwila School District website, www.tukwilaschools.org.

The school year is just getting started and there are many exciting adventures ahead. Thank you for guiding this experience. We are excited to get started.

Tracy Russell


Tukwila School District Board of Directors

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