Tukwila Police Officer Victor Masters swims the backstroke during the World Police and Fire Games. COURTESY PHOTO, Tukwila Police Department

Tukwila police officers participate in World Games

Nine officers from the Tukwila Police Department participated in the 2017 World Police and Fire Games in Los Angeles, Calif., last month.

The games, which took place from Aug. 7 to 16, are the second largest international sporting event in the world – second only to the Olympics – and are open to current and or former full-time law enforcement officers and firefighters. About 12,000 athletes from around the world compete every two years in many different sporting events.

Officer Charles Saguil brought home gold medals in Greco-Roman wrestling and submission grappling and a silver medal in freestyle wrestling. Officer Matt Valdez got gold in discus and bronze in shot put.

Last year, Saguil competed in the U.S. Police and Fire Championships in San Diego and took first place in the submission grappling heavyweight division. He was the only competitor from Tukwila last year, but this year he was joined by several colleagues, including Chief Mike Villa, who took part in the 5-kilometer run and half marathon.

“He is the only chief that we have encountered competing at the games so far, and we are proud to have him competing alongside of us,” the police department posted on its Facebook page after Villa finished his half marathon.

The other participants from Tukwila were: detective Ron Corrigan, golf; detective Leslie Shuck, 5K; detective Erik Kunsmann, toughest competitor alive; officer Eric Hines, triathlon; officer Brent Frank, toughest competitor alive; and officer Victor Masters, swimming – 50 and 100 meter freestyle, 50 and 100 backstroke, 50 breaststroke and 200 freestyle relay with officers from the Toronto Police Department and an Internal Revenue Service criminal agent from Tacoma.

Officers have already started to prepare for the 2018 U.S. Police and Fire Championship next summer in San Diego and the 2019 World Police and Fire Games in Chengdu, China.


Tukwila Police Officer Brent Frank climbs a rope during the toughest competitor alive event at the World Police and Fire Games. COURTESY PHOTO, Tukwila Police Department