Chuck Parrish

Parking issues should be addressed now rather than later

So let’s have a little update on Tukwila Village. Construction on the building that will be located just north of the library is well under… Continue reading


With city budgets, come tough choices

In a previous column, I briefly touched on how our new public works structures will be financed. Now I will discuss the funding of the… Continue reading


Construction can now move forward without delay

There was a time when the Public Safety Plan and new justice center, to be located north of Taco Time, dominated much of the local… Continue reading


We can help food banks help others

Let me tug at your heartstrings just a little. Have you ever experienced food insecurity? Ever been hungry? Ever been in doubt about how you… Continue reading

Mid-term elections is a chance for our voices to be heard

Most of us have learned to avoid unsafe neighborhoods and to steer clear of unhealthy personalities. However, most of us are also political innocents. We… Continue reading

Future justice center site impacts many business owner

Let’s talk about the future location of the Justice Center on Tukwila International Boulevard (TIB). In the May 23 – 29 issue of Real Change,… Continue reading

Detached housing units could help struggling families

Here is a fundamental truth. Everyone needs to be some place. We live in a metropolitan region considered to be one of the fastest growing… Continue reading

Young adults need to plan for an uncertain future

Teenagers and young adults, we love you, but we are letting you down. Are you safe in your schools? Do you have health care on… Continue reading

City must reconsider term limits

Let’s talk about term limits in Tukwila. Some people believe that term limits are not needed. They say “Let the voters decide.” Fair enough for… Continue reading

Discovering the truth behind federal tax cuts

Reporter columnist Chuck Parrish dives into the facts surrounding GOP tax cuts.

Residents should take interest, get involved in city issues

Chuck Parrish discusses the need for increased communication between consitiuents and Tukwila.

City improves roadways to keep vehicles, pedestrian safe| CHUCK PARRISH

Have you noticed the speed bumps on South 160th Street east of 42nd Avenue South? The Public Works department calls them speed cushions. They are… Continue reading

Business, development opportunities abound in Tukwila | CHUCK PARRISH

Good things are coming to the business sector of Tukwila. Here are some possibilities to look forward to and to ponder. The pedestrian and bicycle… Continue reading

Examine the tactics of political campaigns | Chuck Parrish

More inside politics. Last month, I wrote about the plethora of complaints and suits generated by Republican party advocates against Democratic party candidates and districts.… Continue reading

Partisan politics, money at play, even in local races | Chuck Parrish

Let’s talk “inside” politics for a moment. The Democratic and Republican parties play to win. Nationally, if we look at the number of governorships and… Continue reading

Understanding political correctness can be complicated | Chuck Parrish

Political correctness (PC) is confusing. It can be positive or negative.

Two road projects in Tukwila to watch closely | Chuck Parrish

These are long-term projects. Residents must be patient. Who will pay the bill? Will BNSF choose to participate and to what degree? Are there any reasonable prospects for grants? When preparation meets opportunity, good things can happen. We shall see.

Replace city facilities, but how, when, where? | Chuck Parrish

Building new structures offers the opportunity to address these challenges and to make it so that departments that work in close cooperation with each other (court and police, for example) will be better situated to do so.

When to run for the hills when politicians speak | Chuck Parrish

If we hear single-issue messages or vague appealing principles, then we are being asked to join their side and don’t worry about the details.

Who will step up to increase the minimum wage? | Chuck Parrish

During the mayoral campaign, CM Quinn said that, as mayor, he would propose legislation to increase the minimum wage. Perhaps Quinn is willing to do it as a council member. If not, how about our other council members or our mayor? If not, why not?