Laura Pierce

Are we any smarter following Gulf spill? Editor’s Note

Have we learned anything from British Petroleum’s debacle in the Gulf? Frankly, I think we’ve learned just how much we don’t know. And because of that, we should cease drilling in U.S. waters until there’s better science to be had.

Jamie King’s Duwamish Curve lasagna is a hit: Local Flavor

Talk to Jamie King for a few minutes and it becomes clear: The guy loves his job. “I’m kind of the Heinz 57 in the kitchen - I do everything,” said King, a recreational-program assistant for the City of Tukwila, who operates the Duwamish Curves Cafe in the Tukwila Community Center. He will tell you in detail his secret for ensuring sparkling countertops – judicious use of lemon juice. And as the cafe’s chief cook and bottle washer, he’s also not averse to sharing a recipe that keeps his customers coming back: his own Duwamish Curve Lasagna.

Tukwila boy finds friends, fun as member of Special Olympics swim team

When Kenny Nishino, 9, jumps into the water at the Tukwila Community Pool, he’s not thinking about specialized training plans. Or what the Special Olympics means to him and the dozen or so members of his team. Or how swimming channels his energy in positive directions. Nope. When Kenny jumps into the Tukwila pool, he’s thinking about how much fun he’s going to have, swimming hard and making friends as a medal-winning Olympic competitor.

Future of Tukwila Community Pool a question: What you need to know

The Tukwila Community Pool has a question mark in its future, and it will take discussions in the near future between the City of Tukwila, the Tukwila School District, and possibly Tukwila voters next spring, to resolve the matter.

Tukwila Days bounces into town: Slide Show

With balmy temperatures and clear weather, Tukwila Days went off without a hitch Aug. 21 from the Tukwila Community Center. A community staple since the 1970s, Tukwila Days has been drawing crowds to town for decades, and the Aug. 21 event was just as popular as always.

Tukwila Reporter: It’s all about you – Editor’s Note

Howdy neighbor! Welcome to the first edition of the Tukwila Reporter. We hope you like what you see in our inaugural edition. We’ll be visiting your mailboxes and key drop-off points each month, bringing you the news that only a truly local newspaper can.

The magic of bonsai at Bonsai Northwest – slide show

Bonsai Northwest was begun 30 years ago as a small venue for sales of pots to local bonsai enthusiasts. The Tukwila-based business has since grown a national and international following, offering finished bonsai trees and plants, as well as the tools, pots, plants and embellishments for those wanting to grow their own bonsai trees.

Local flavor: Tukwila fire chief shares boyhood recipe for banana cream pie

Tukwila Fire Chief Nicholas Olivas grew up the youngest, in a family that saw him as the only boy. Maybe that’s why he held some sway with his mom, Esther, who occasionally would haul out the hardware to make her son his favorite dessert: banana cream pie. From scratch.