Especially in an election year, our elected should do better

At first glance, the reinstitution of the Hazelnut, Issue 1 — looks, feels and resembles a campaign brochure, ’nuff said.

At second glance, it is not an effective method of distributing the city’s messaging … premium paper, multi colors of ink, machine usage (if printed in house, more if done outside) manpower to write/produce and postage cost to mail to 800 to 900 households and probably to all Tukwila businesses, too.

Believe a comparative analysis of the messaging mediums would find the cost to taxpayers about doubled (or more) over the Reporter.

Didn’t see any mention of the four letter word — cost — therein that is rarely mentioned even in the council chamber although nothing happens in our city that isn’t a cost to taxpayers. Yet to use the word appears to be a no-no in our elected’s vernacular.

We taxpayers should constantly be using it in our interface with our elected when discussing anything that is city related. I agree city streets (infrastructure) are pretty well taken care of, even if such contracts were within budget which would be a rarity, need greater fiduciary oversight by our elected and a cure for contract cost over runs would be incentive contracts and would likely shrink the overall city budget which could lead to needed reduced taxes.

Priority budgeting seems more like a catchy gimmick that brings nothing new to the table for consideration but perhaps places some community wanted needs on the back burner in favor of council priority projects such as sanctuary city, the Village, extension of Strander, etc. that does nothing for the city tax payer. At the risk of belaboring the point of go along to get along, it appears systemic and caviler with little regard for a fiduciary acumen.

In the overall city budget, the cost of getting the city’s message out (Reporter or Hazelnut) is in the noise level but is intended to reinforce the accountant’s refrain: take care of the pennies and the dollar will take care of itself.

Accordingly, perhaps our mayor should rethink his recent decision in that regard and restore the Reporter usage where there is give and take, and letters to the editor are published for all to see. The Hazelnut has no such provision: undemocratic and closed to openness.

On another subject, that of educating our children, that appears to be one sided in that the new elementary school in our city (it’s even in the Village) is apparently getting no traction from our city’s elected contingent which is hard to understand in the environment of the lavished fawning it bestows on the Tukwila School District in the name of educating our children.

The charter school is just getting started and needs the same recognition and support our elected bestows on the TSD. Our legitimate schools need all of our support with equal passion and dedication simply because of their missions of educating our children.

Our elected needs to get on board in this regard with unrelenting and open proportional support to our two schools. We must watch for and insist that our tax revenues are used on such equal treatment of schools in campaign literature, campaign rhetoric and our city’s government actions.

Many thanks to Tukwila Reporter columnist Mr. Parrish for his enlightenment on the horrendous overrun costs of the Public Safety Plan, $77 Million GOB and how the overrun is planned to be financed by our elected which appears somewhat problematic with all the costs not yet fully known.

We are overrunning by $39.3 million and still counting with one fewer new fire stations which would have been by extrapolation about $ 8.5 million.

Is this gross failure of fiduciary oversight by our city’s elected and gross lack of transparency or is it just my fiscal conservatism when it comes to government spending?

Our elected always have an ace-in-the-hole, they can always raise our taxes and will, no doubt. They can, should and we must insist they do a better job lest we forget this is a city election year.

Bill Holstine



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