Allan Ekberg, in his own words | TUKWILA MAYOR’S RACE

The Tukwila Reporter offered Allan Ekberg a chance to write, in his own words, why Tukwila voters should elect him mayor.

  • Monday, October 19, 2015 6:36pm
  • Opinion


Candidate for Tukwila mayor

An article about me? But being mayor is about you. Your issues are my issues. As I’ve rung doorbells throughout our neighborhoods, I have met many of you and heard your concerns.

Such as: streetlight repair in Allentown; streetlight installation in McMicken; surface-water drainage in Ryan Hill; fire hazards of dry grass in Cascade View; motorcycles crossing the Duwamish footbridge; parking signs for Riverton; stop signs for Foster Point/Allentown; sewer annexation concerns in the Loop; backyard encroachment in Foster; drug houses in McMicken/Allentown; fireworks in Thorndyke; ants in Cascade View; schools; and speeding vehicles on Tukwila Hill and every neighborhood.

Where immediate action could be taken, I took it. Public Works now knows our streetlight concerns and has started work on surface-water problems. The fire hazard was cleaned up by code enforcement. Bollards are being considered to stop those motorcycles. Soon, Riverton parking signs will go up. There’s a new stop sign at Foster Point. The police chief and I discussed the speeding and the need for more patrols. Drug houses – law enforcement is watching you. The ants – well, that’s a conundrum.

As a senior manager, I have made critical decisions for large companies like Starbucks, Eddie Bauer, lululemon and Disney. Those decisions affect the Internet experience of thousands of users. I also have more than 15 years of service on our City Council, in addition, seven years of service on the city’s Planning Commission. I work well at any level, be it private or public; local, county, state, or federal. I am ready to step in as mayor to engage and lead.

I know what the next critical decisions are. Many citywide issues command our attention, such as housing, safety, jobs, roads, facilities, law enforcement, and education. These are the needs of everyone, not just a few. Our business corridors have had intensive focus. It’s time to shift more focus to our residents.

I’m asking to be your next mayor. I want to be in a position to serve all of you, to be directly engaged as I was when we talked. As mayor, I will be active in our local affairs. Your kids will see me lunching at Foster’s cafeteria, if I’m not eating with the seniors at the Community Center. All of you, the people of Tukwila, are the city’s special interests. I will work alongside regional players to make sure our interests are represented, not overshadowed.

I take great pride in being from Tukwila. I was raised here, had family here, and a career here. Tukwila is a part of me. I love this city. If you’ve met me, you know I’m approachable. As mayor, my door will be open.

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