Our 12th man is you, our owners | Supt. Nancy Coogan

We are proud, and you should be, too! And unlike the Seahawks, you are actually part owners of this franchise. So please consider yourself our official 12th Man — you are on our team, and we welcome you in all aspects of our operations.

Something incredible and historic happened this month, and you were no doubt part of the celebration in one form or another: The Seahawks won the Super Bowl! From my perspective, the best part of the march toward the national championship was how the entire community came together in support. Strangers on the street stopped and talked to each other. The region was awash in green and blue. Mostly, there was an overwhelming sense of pride.

It may be the NFL off-season now, but I invite you to keep that collective energy and spirit alive and focused on another championship home team: The Tukwila School District. You probably already know that we are ranked No. 1 in the U.S. for diversity, but we also have hundreds of big and small wins every day — full-ride scholarship winners, published student artists, more preschool opportunities for all. … We are making steady advancement up the field, using best teaching practices, student data, and individualized support to help every child succeed.

We are proud, and you should be, too! And unlike the Seahawks, you are actually part owners of this franchise. So please consider yourself our official 12th Man — you are on our team, and we welcome you in all aspects of our operations.

What does that mean? For starters, please help us shape our “long game.” We have a new coaching staff this year (me!), and we are currently undergoing one of the most important processes that will determine how we measure growth and allocate resources for years to come: We are developing the strategic plan. This is not my strategic plan. It is our strategic plan. The most basic question is: What does our community want for its students, and how do we get there?

We have already convened a diverse group of stakeholders to put together a foundation for the plan. Now a group of teaching and learning experts (instructional coaches, principals, teachers, etc.) are clarifying the day-to-day work that will be necessary to achieve the broad goals.

What’s next? Well, it’s up to YOU. We will be taking the initial draft to the entire community with a series of public meetings in March. The strategic plan will unite us in a shared vision—directing resources, time, emphasis, and accountability measurements—so it is critical that we all have a hand in shaping the document. It may be cliché, but it really does take an entire village to educate a child. That’s why we need your voice both in the strategic planning process and in its implementation.

Please check the district’s homepage, www.tukwila.wednet.edu, by the beginning of March for exact dates and locations of the strategic-plan community meetings.

Just like with the Super Bowl excitement, let’s keep up the local pride, let’s keep stopping each other in the grocery store and on the street to talk, let’s immerse ourselves in strategy and wins, and let’s keep the 12th Man spirit alive — because we are all players for the most important, award-winning, national championship team in our community: Tukwila schools.

In service,

Nancy Coogan

Tukwila School Superintendent Nancy Coogan can be reached via email at coogann@tukwila.wednet.edu


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