Our transition to a learning organization

District administrators are gearing up to ensure we are all set to welcome our staff and students back for fall semester.

We started the month of August with our administrative retreat and a review of our new strategic direction for 2018-2022.

Thank you to more than 70 community and staff members who helped to shape the district’s Statement of Vision and Mission Statement, which were derived from our Belief Statements.

Our new strategic direction will assist the district in transforming from a bureaucratic organization to a learning organization.

Tukwila School District’s commitment to transform to a learning organization embodies the principles and approaches of systems thinking; thus, all staff members are compelled to personal mastery of the process of learning to help students achieve their maximum potential.

With this obligation, group problem-solving is essential to ensure the work of the school district leads to continuous improvement. Our responsibility to our families and community is that our schools are viewed as a platform for learning, teachers as leaders and designers of appealing and important work, and students becoming independent thinkers responsible for their learning.

Belief Statements

We believe in partnering with families and our community in educating the whole child.

Graduating responsible, civically engaged citizens.

Using resources responsibly to produce successful student outcomes.

Leading through service to empower students, staff and community.

Nurturing cultural connectedness and racial equity to ensure the achievement of all students.

Holding ourselves accountable for treating each other with civility to promote positive relationships.

Designing engaging learning experiences that enable students, staff and families to achieve at their highest potential.

Statement of Vision

The Tukwila School District believes that our students, staff and families have the ability to achieve at their highest potential.

Our core purpose is to engage students intellectually and socially with authentic and substantive learning experiences.

In partnership with families and our students will be successful and productive members of society because of the academic, social and emotional skills they have learned with the support of the Tukwila community.

We recognize, encourage and capitalize on the strengths, talents and contributions of our students, staff and community.

We celebrate our rich diversity and meaningful partnership with the Tukwila community and our role in making society stronger and more equitable.

Mission Statement

Tukwila School District’s mission is to create a learning community that supports and empowers students, staff and families to reach their greatest potential.

Over the next year, Alignment Teams will continue to work on implementing the four goals that were a result of our work since December 2017 to May 2018.

• Goal 1: Create a culture of equity, trust, honesty, respect and positive relationships.

• Goal 2: Develop a clear focus on engaging students through the design of instruction through curriculum, experiences, work, and supports to ensure student achievement.

• Goal 3: Ensure and communicate structures of sustainability and continuity are in placed that result in increased student, staff and community commitment to and ownership of the direction of the district.

• Goal 4: Design a recruitment and on-boarding system that hires, retains, empowers and provides leadership pathways for high quality staff that believe in the direction of the district.

On behalf of the district, should you need to contact me, please call 206-901-8037 or email me at berryj@tukwila.wednet.edu.


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