‘Treasure’ Betty Gully is now a Foster Hall of Famer | Editor’s note

Betty Gully, who died in 2013, is unique. Tukwila has made her a “treasure” and now Foster will induct her into its Hall of Fame.

Foster High School to mark 100th anniversary | Editor’s Note

Foster High School, the community and Foster alumni will mark the anniversary throughout the year, including at a special event on March 21 for alumni and anyone else who feels a special connection to Foster.

New school year starts for parents, too | Supt. Nancy Coogan

Nothing beats the excitement of the first day of school, and the opening of the 2014-15 school year was no exception. New clothes, new teachers, new friendships, new learning — it’s a whole new year with unlimited expectations . . . One student at a time.

Public spoke, so find a place for marijuana store | Chuck Parrish

Have you noticed that there are no retail marijuana stores in Tukwila? Don’t hold your breath. You are not likely to see any for a long time.

Tyson Plan puts cost first in locating new city facilities | Charles Tyson

The City of Tukwila is looking at its needs for public facilities for the next several decades. Here, Tukwila resident Charles "Dick" Tyson offers the Tyson Plan, his vision for a new city campus.

  • Aug 19, 2014

Let’s go deliberately in making facilities decision | Chuck Parrish

The City of Tukwila is looking at its needs for public facilities for the next several decades. Here, Tukwila Reporter columnist Chuck Parrish offers his advice to the community.

Bring on the kids after busy summer | Supt. Nancy Coogan

For me, this coming year is going to be all about supporting principals and their plans for academic achievement for every child. Last year was certainly a time of listening and building — a foundational year — as I came to Tukwila. That included shaping our new strategic plan with the input of hundreds of voices. Now it’s time to put that strategic plan into action.

  • Aug 18, 2014

A landmark groundbreaking: Tukwila Village | Editor’s note

Tukwila Village, which will jumpstart further revitalization of Tukwila International Boulevard, is 15 years in the making, fulfilling a vision by city leaders that’s even older.

Tukwila realizing dream of revitalized TIB | Mayor Jim Haggerton

Three words come to mind over this past 16 years: patience, persistence, and determination. I sincerely appreciate everyone who stayed the course and never gave up on our original vision for this important corridor in Tukwila.

  • Jul 17, 2014

Who are you going to call? The police, of course | Chuck Parrish

Why have a law if it is not going to be enforced? It’s a common question. After July 4, one usually hears about illegal fireworks. Other times, it is illegal parking, exceeding the speed limit, talking on cell phones. The list is long.

SBA offers help to veterans to start own business

The Small Business Administration (SBA) celebrates veterans. As these men and women transition to civilian life, we stand ready with training courses to make their dreams of business ownership a reality.

SBA supporting LGBT-owned businesses that help boost economy | Calvin Goings

Today, there are more than 1.4 million lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender (LGBT)- owned small businesses in the United States. These businesses play an important role in our economy and our communities. And, $790 billion was the estimated buying power of the LGBT population in 2012. This was a 20 percent increase in the buying power of the LGBT community from 2006-1012.

Putting the skids on oil | Frank Shiers Jr.

Gov. Jay Inslee has ordered a new environmental assessment of the safety of oil trains coming through Washington state and recently ordered a committee to come up with a way to dramatically reduce the state's greenhouse gas emissions.

  • Jun 16, 2014

Tukwila shows way to ease burden of court fees, fines | Chuck Parrish

Understanding that people need a chance to improve their lives and contribute, our Tukwila court works to combine accountability and justice with compassion and opportunity to move in a better direction.

  • Jun 16, 2014

Beware, summer slide sets back learning | Supt. Nancy Coogan

I hope your family has a safe, energizing, and fun respite from school during the next few months. As the district’s lead educator, however, there is one seasonal danger lurking in the warm weather that I must warn you about: Summer slide.

Our first guide to the city of Tukwila | Editor’s note

Our first-ever Residents’ Guide for the Tukwila community is in this month’s issue of the Tukwila Reporter.

  • Jun 16, 2014

Think now about your end-of-life choices | Chuck Parrish

I have spoken with my doctor and, when referrals are needed, I seek out those who will take care of me and support my end-of-life choices. How about you?

Cascade Water Alliance celebrates 15 years of success | Guest commentary

Cascade Water Alliance ensures that each of you – more than 350,000 residents and 20,000 businesses – have clean, safe and reliable water every day. Our membership, consisting of the cities of Bellevue, Redmond, Kirkland, Issaquah, Tukwila, and the Sammamish Plateau and Skyway Water and Sewer Districts, work to produce water of the highest quality.

  • May 23, 2014

Foster’s graduates ready to take on the world | Supt. Nancy Coogan

The New York Times has deemed the Tukwila School District to be the most diverse in the nation, and this type of true multiculturalism — where no minority is the majority — is perhaps the greatest life lesson in itself. We do not believe in separate and unequal, but equity and equality for each and every student, not just some.

Coal, oil trains in Western Washington put us all at risk | Billy Frank Jr.

Our environment, health, safety and communities are at risk from decisions being made now to transport and export trainloads of coal and oil through western Washington, Billy Frank Jr. wrote in his monthly column "Being Frank" released Monday morning.

  • May 5, 2014