Open conversation will empower Tukwila’s schools | Editor’s note

For Tukwila, race is a key defining demographic. For the Tukwila School District, that multitude of colorful faces is magical but also its greatest challenge.

Job satisfaction critical in Tukwila schools | Chuck Parrish

For the moment, it makes sense that the TSD deny the determinations of the EEOC because there is a separate concurrent Superior Court case brought by the same employees. Tukwila School District expects vindication through the court case next year.

Team effort to lead Tukwila School District | Tukwila commentary

We are a team of six. Plain and simple. We are a five-member school board working hand-in-hand with our new superintendent. We support and hold each other accountable for the same shared vision, we respect each other’s roles, and we are humbled by the joy and challenge in overseeing one of the most unique school districts in the nation.

  • Nov 18, 2013

High school sports deserve support | Editor’s note

High school sports, played right, mirror what we expect in our broader community – fair play, team spirit and the attitude, “I’ve got your back.”

Election enemy? Look in the mirror | Chuck Parrish

When it comes to politics, we are our own worst enemies. Many of us are willfully ignorant of what goes on around us and choose not to vote. In the August primary, 82 percent of Tukwila voters did not vote.

College tests help turn dreams to reality | Dr. Nancy Coogan

For the first time, every single student at Foster High School will take either the SAT college admission exam or the PSAT (practice SAT) on Oct. 16. This is a huge deal. For starters, there are the obvious tangible benefits. Completing the SAT — preferably with a high score! — is one of the most significant steps in the college enrollment gauntlet.

Meeting the needs of all Tukwila children | Supt. Nancy Coogan

We are in the business of providing access for ALL students. We value the dignity of every life, no matter whose. And we open our hearts to each other, no matter the differences.

Support the businesses that support us | Chuck Parrish

If you are like me, you like to patronize local businesses that believe in giving back to the communities in which they do business. It may surprise some to know that the local casinos do just that.

South Sound needs a transportation package | Chamber commentary

Washington state’s economy may be getting back on track but it will jump off again quickly if our state legislators cannot put aside their differences and put together a transportation package fully funding major projects in our South Sound region.

Economic growth will increase minimum wages | Don Brunell

The central element of Proposition 1 is a $15 per hour minimum wage for workers at SeaTac Airport and area hotels, restaurants and car rental agencies. But, it also includes a complex web of employee work rules enforced by the City of SeaTac.

Key issues face school district, Tukwila this fall | Editor’s note

Hate to say it, but those dog days of summer are about to end and the serious business of the fall is about to begin.

Sound Transit, county answering calls for more public transit | Julia Patterson

Tukwila’s permanent Sounder station will open next year and replace the temporary heavy rail station that has existed for more than a decade. The station will serve the Green River Valley corridor, with approximately 1,300 boardings taking place each weekday.

Emergency services biggest Tukwila employee pool | Chuck Parrish

The majority of city revenues is spent on salaries and benefits of employees who provide the services that we expect. As of June 5, 2013, we employ 327 regular full-time and part-time employees.

Tukwila’s school team is in place | Editor’s note

There’s still work to be done on some difficult but critical issues, but the Tukwila School District now has the team in place to resolve them equitably.

Tough times for schools, board | Chuck Parrish

Change is in the air at Tukwila School District (TSD). A new superintendent. A new Foster principal. School board elections are coming soon. Voters districtwide will be the decision makers.

Foster IGNITED with possibilities | Josh Stevenson

Through such programs as Navigation 101 and IGNITE (a new program in which older students work as role models and mentors for younger students) we continue to teach positive academic skills, mentorship, and the value of working together. We continue to help students understand and prepare for a successful life beyond high school.

  • Jun 21, 2013

Tukwila’s parks offer us a respite | Chuck Parrish

We have 29 parks, trails and playfields, including a couple of cooperative efforts with other communities. Many are what I think of as respite stops. Little spots here and there where one can get away for a break from routine. About 10 parks have substantial amenities. These often require reservations so check the reservations column.

Tukwila’s finances handled competently | Chuck Parrish

When times are tough, people offer a lot of ideas about what the city should or should not do. It’s a good time to look back at what the city administration and council did when it became clear that the Great Recession was going to hit Tukwila hard financially.

Tukwila schools ready to move forward | Editor’s note

But the district is poised to move forward under new leadership with the selection of Seattle educator and school administrator Nancy Coogan, who has been chosen as the district’s new superintendent.

Volunteers helped keep Tukwila Pool alive | Letter to the editor

There is a group of people in our midst who are passionate about preventing childhood drownings. Not only does the Sustain Tukwila Pool (STP) committee want to ensure that every child in Tukwila and neighboring communities learns to swim, they also want to see our public pool be sustained for future generations.

  • Mar 22, 2013