Renovation of Tukwila Pool paid by city taxpayers | Chuck Parrish

You’re all wet! Or you can be if you visit the Tukwila Pool in the near future. After a $1.6 million to $1.7 million refurbishment project, the pool opened a few days ago. The grand re-opening celebration is scheduled for April 20.

Classified employees get job done | Mellody Matthes

March 11 – 16 is designated as Washington School Classified Employees Recognition Week to recognize the dedication, responsibilities and accomplishments of our 111 classified employees. It goes without saying they are the backbone of our organization; in every capacity our classified employees support the district’s educational endeavors.

The meaning of the city’s sales tax | Chuck Parrish

There were some bright spots. Total Wine and More, Bev Mo, Big Lots and Sears Outlet stores opened and will have a positive economic impact.

Celebrating diversity in our nation, schools | Mellody Matthes

From day to day, we all too often forget the efforts and accomplishments of leaders who came before us and established our quality basis of life as we know it today.

My City Council MVP, MIP, LVP | Chuck Parrish

Guess what? There’s another election in November! OK, you can stop cheering now. In November, we will vote for City Council positions currently served by Councilmembers Verna Seal, Allan Ekberg, De Sean Quinn and Joe Duffie. Our City Council functions reasonably well; there are no chairs thrown and police do not have to be called in. Pretty low bar, right?

2013 promises big steps forward | Mellody Matthes

Each year I ponder the New Year, in doing so I reclined in front of the fireplace reflecting on the progress we’ve made toward our goals and recommitting to our district’s mission to “educate all students for academic and personal excellence.”

Invest early in children’s education | Joel Ryan

Joel Ryan, executive director of the Washington State Association of Head Start and ECEAP, urges support for early childhood learning.

  • Dec 14, 2012

Celebrating so many generous acts | Mellody Matthes

Tukwila's Interim Superintendent Mellody Matthes reflects on the blessings bestowed on the school district and the community.

A high bar for Waste Management customer service | Chuck Parrish

The bar is high for Waste Management. Customer service in the form of timely response to phone calls and timely resolution of problems is critical to how Waste Management is perceived in the community. WM is well positioned to provide good customer service.

Bob Hasegawa better choice to replace Sen. Prentice in 11th District | Our view

Through her personal endorsement, Margarita Prentice thinks that state Rep. Bob Hasegawa can do the job to replace her and so does the Tukwila Reporter.

  • Oct 22, 2012

Stop bullying by being kind to others | Mellody Matthes

October is National Bullying Prevention Month. The issue of bullying is of great interest to many of us who have suffered with our children the hurt bullies inflict. Considerable effort has been made to combat bullying, but a quick look at news headlines each month lets us know that we need everyone’s assistance in this effort. Bullying is harassment, intimidation, and a form of violence that affects everyone; not only is the victim and bully affected, but those who see or hear bullying can also suffer damaging consequences. Many witnesses often fear that they will become the next victim of a bully and fail to get involved.

Balanced approach is best approach | Chuck Parrish

Most of us have sufficient life experience to know what makes sense. For example, we know that the president is the chief executive and yet he or she cannot do everything that he or she promises. The president depends on the cooperation of Congress to implement domestic policies. This does not always happen and, lately, rarely happens.

Your homework assignment: read to the kids | Editor’s note

It's through reading that kids and adults learn about the world beyond their homes and enjoy the stories created by all manner of authors.

Schools succeed when everyone is involved | Supt. Mellody Matthes

This is the 100th graduating class of the Tukwila School District and we have reason to celebrate. We have a strong history of success and partnerships with our community, we have continued to make improvements in both academics and extended programs.

Tukwila is meeting its human-services needs | Chuck Parrish

Tukwila is a generous and caring community. In an improving but still challenging local economy, the City of Tukwila, on behalf of its residents, continues to fund human service organizations that serve individuals and families in challenging circumstances. Human Services Department, staffed by director Evie Boykan and Stacy Hansen, facilitates the process. Few services are provided directly by the City of Tukwila. A call to Human Services Department will likely result in a caring and informed referral to one or more of the organizations.

Sad day for schools | A Tukwila Reporter editorial

It’s a sad for the Tukwila School District with the loss of Ethelda Burke, the district’s superintendent who has resigned.

  • Jul 20, 2012

Political silly season has its dark side, too | Chuck Parrish

The political season is often called the “silly” season. If it were not for the serious ramifications of elections, I would agree.

Tukwila Council, mayor: consider new ways to communicate | Chuck Parrish

It is time for a change. Tukwila public officials, both elected and appointed, are discouraged from communicating with Tukwila residents through blogs like Facebook, Tukwila Talk and Tukwila Reporter blogs.

Foster’s Class of 2012 in photos | Commencement 2012

The Tukwila School District has posted photos from 2012 Commencement.

  • Jun 18, 2012

Foster became accredited high school in 1914 | Letter to the editor

Foster High didn’t start in 1952. It’s true that the first high school building on the current site opened in January of 1953, but Foster actually became an accredited high school in the fall of 1914.

  • May 31, 2012