Foster High jumping off point for its students | Editor’s Note

Four decades later, seniors still count down the days to graduation. They still stress over a date to the prom – or maybe not in these “modern” times. By now they know whether they’ve made it into college. Or they have no clue what their future holds.

  • May 31, 2012

Snow removal is big effort for Tukwila’s crews | Chuck Parrish

This past January, snow and ice was a problem for everyone. The evidence is that most residents were happy with the efforts of our Department of Public Works (DPW) to keep the streets clear and safe given the circumstances; others have questioned why some areas receive attention and others do not.

Tukwila school superintendent must get fair appraisal | Our view

The racial-discrimination charges against Tukwila Superintendent Ethelda Burke seem damning. But they are just that – charges. No guilt has been assigned to those charges nor has Burke, at least publicly, had a chance to explain her side of the racially charged allegations.

  • Apr 26, 2012

Thanks, Tuwkila, for support

On Feb. 14, Tukwila voters overwhelmingly approved Proposition 1, Replacement of the Expiring School Programs and Operation Levy for the Tukwila School District.

  • Mar 19, 2012

Mandatory garbage collection is best for all

The Tukwila Public Works Department is putting together a proposed new garbage/recycling contract to be considered by the City Council.

  • Mar 19, 2012

Complete the project and extend Highway 509 to Interstate 5 | Andrea Keikkala

Kent is the sixth largest city in Washington with a population of 118,200. A culturally rich destination, Kent features captivating neighborhoods, award-winning parks, exceptional school districts and nationally accredited police and fire departments. In recent years, Kent has experienced impressive economic growth, and is nationally known as a prime location for manufacturing. Recently, the Kent Chamber of Commerce urged the Legislators of Washington state to support the competition of I-5/state Route 509 project. Completion of this project will be keeping a 20-year promise to our area for transportation projects.

Publishing of public notices in newspapers of record ensures transparency | Editorial

Citizens should be aware of – and opposed to – House Bill 2801 and the provisions that would allow local governments to cease publishing public notices in their local newspapers. The presumed cost savings to local government is in fact false economy – there is a hidden and very dangerous cost. In trying to save money, local governments would curtail access to the legislative process, and ensure that fewer – rather than more – citizens know what their representatives are up to.

  • Feb 29, 2012

Editorial | Teachers today can only do so much | Melvin Tate

Back in the day the mantra was, and still is, “all students can learn.” By golly that’s right, all students can learn; that is, “when they want to learn” and what they want to learn.

Garbage-recycling contract to be considered by the Tukwila City Council | Editorial

The Tukwila Public Works Department is putting together a proposed new garbage/recycling contract to be considered by the City Council. The contract becomes effective in November.

Farewell too soon, coach | Editorial

In the early afternoon on Feb. 16 I found an article I wrote after Seth Dawson first started coaching the boys swim team at Kentlake High little more than a year ago.

  • Feb 22, 2012

Medical marijuana trips on Senate floor | Dennis Box

The smoke-filled room of medical marijuana legislation in Olympia will continue to be shrouded in haze.

Tukwila to Montana : A story of place | Dennis Box

I have been drawn to stories of place for some reason since I was a kid.

Learning from windy weather | Dennis Box

When I left home Tuesday morning the wind was blowing. For most places around the Puget Sound, that is not necessarily a big deal, but in Enumclaw we take notice. The wind really knows how to blow in that tow

Impressions of a seventh-grade science teacher | Dennis Box

Education, schools and school teachers are hot topics everywhere parents or politicians are locked in the same room these days. The recent State Supreme decision on the Constitutional requirement to fully funding schools created quite a furor among political leaders in office and those hoping to get into office.

  • Jan 26, 2012

Looking back and looking forward in Tukwila | Mayor Jim Haggerton

When asked to provide this editorial piece, my approach was to recap the important activities of the past four years, give a realistic review of how the city is positioned in this current economy, and finish up with a glance into the coming four years.

  • Jan 25, 2012

The future of book publishing | Editorial

As a reporter and a fiction writer, the transformation of the traditional publishing industry has been fascinating.

Editorial | Blueberry muffins and shirt pocketless | Dennis Box

Some of us know how to take it easy. Ron Harmon, who retired from the Kent City Council after two terms, is less visible these days, but he has not exactly put the engine in neutral.

Editorial | Seeing the light of slow improvement | Chuck Parrish

Economically, things are looking up for Tukwila. In the first nine months of 2011, sales tax revenues increased more than 7 percent. When one time construction- related sales-tax events are removed from the totals, we are at just under 5 percent. This is an excellent number because it is higher than expected considering that the Klickitat project greatly restricted access to the mall/urban center area during the second and third quarters.

Editorial | Reflections for the new year | Dennis Box

The new year has started and there are a few items I would like to write about in this first column as 2012 engines rev up. None are worthy of a column on its own, so I will just string some notes together about issues I am interested in or would like to figure out.

  • Jan 4, 2012

Editorial cartoon of the week by Frank Shiers, Jr.

A new year editorial cartoon from the pen of Frank Shiers, Jr.

  • Jan 2, 2012