Improvement to schools will require involvement | Editorial

This past week the National Assessment of Educational Progress put out its annual report on the achievement levels of fourth and eighth graders in this nation. This assessment is done by taking a random sample of students from each state; local school districts have been involved in the past, comparing them to previous year’s achievement.

Foreclosure fairness program making a difference | State Rep. Tina Orwall

The 2011 Legislative session was the hardest for me and for most lawmakers, even those who have been serving for many years. As we prepare for another round of heart wrenching budget decisions, I want to stop and share some good news that came out of my work from last session.

  • Nov 6, 2011

Editorial | Dancing for the love of the sport | Allison Needles

Name a sport. What’s the first thing you think of? Maybe soccer, baseball, or football.

  • Oct 29, 2011

Editorial | Over the edge of politics | Dennis Box

I can certainly tell the political season has entered the full bore mental twilight zone. Calls have been coming in at the office that in other situations I would consider the person partially paranoid, suspiciously psychotic or the more technical term — political-campaign nuts.

‘Just because they have it doesn’t mean they should spend it’ and those darn numbers | Editor’s Note

Numbers, they can make everyone’s life miserable. Adding and subtracting numbers has been torturing young kids through adults for thousands of years, and it continues to this day.

This puzzle we call government | Dennis Box

The political wind machine is shifting into high gear with about a month before the election verdicts are handed down from the voters.

The color pink does run – a lot | Kris Hill

It’s no secret that I hate the color pink. True, I have come to see it as a neutral color since my daughter Lyla arrived almost two years ago, but still it’s not a color I have in abundance in my wardrobe.

Remembering those first days of school | Editorial

With students in theTukwila School District beginning another school year, I can’t help but think of my first day as a student at Sammamish High School. Actually, it wasn’t the day I remember so much as the angst-filled morning precipitating it.

Straight talk about gangs in south King County | Justice Bobbe J. Bridge

Gang violence seems to be everywhere today, even right here in our own suburban neighborhoods – and it’s mobile, moving across city borders. So, how can south and east King County communities work together to deal with it?

Head injuries a major concern for all football players

Head injuries in athletes resulting in concussions occur more frequently than previously thought. We are learning more about the problem and the important consequences.

The caution and vigilance of war | Editorial

Edward Gibbon wrote in the “Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire” the two most important elements of war are “caution and vigilance.” For some reason the line popped into my brain the other day when I was driving to work when I probably should have been thinking about cinnamon rolls or brownies with white chocolate chips inside.

The fun of the inside game | Dennis Box

One of the more intriguing aspects of my job is covering the governments and communities of five cities.

Elections, community issues and open discussions | Chuck Parrish

Election time is great. Voters become more aware of community issues that seem to be less visible between election cycles. Candidates step up to make their case.

Finding our way through the words we use to ‘Just do it’ | Editorial

Words have been my business for many years and I am always fascinated by how they are used. Sometimes words are used to say one thing and mean something quite different. I was at a council meeting in another city and the term affordable housing came up during the discussion.

Tukwila citizens deserve an honest and ethical government | Louise Strander

Citizens are absolutely right to expect their elected officials to be honest and maintain high ethical standards. I too believe elected officials should be held to these high standards and nothing they do as an elected official should enrich them financially.

What Tukwila residents get for their money with elected officials | Chuck Parrish

This week, let's explore the compensation for our elected positions and what we get for our money. For City Council members, the expectations are high and the pay is low.

Now is the time in Tukwila to let your voice be heard about casinos | Chuck Parrish

In February, the Tukwila City Council, in a 4-3 vote, voluntarily cut the revenues to your city by over $50,000 a week and will be putting almost 450 employees out of work. They do this by closing the three commercial card rooms operating on Interurban Avenue.

The city of Tukwila versus the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway: Round one

In the short time I have spent getting to know the town of Tukwila, it has become clear this is an intriguing community with a complex history and many stories to tell.

Taking the character of our children seriously | Ryan Ryals

Last week’s news about a cyberstalking case in Issaquah made the headlines, mostly due to the young age of the accused “cyberstalkers”.

Media relations for the quickly famous | Ryan Ryals

I’ve been watching “American Idol” on TV this season (it’s not what you think; I only watch it for the articles), and was disappointed when Kent’s only remaining contestant Stefano Langone was booted off the show.