Thank you to those who support the school district

  • Monday, May 14, 2018 12:34pm
  • Opinion

As the school district makes its transition to summer learning and vacation activities, we want to take this time to thank many of the wonderful providers of service to help our students explore opportunities available to them. Often times, those who work in the background go unnoticed for the services they provide to keep the ship steering in the right direction. This month, I dedicate this opinion column to Lois McIntosh and Riley Haggard, both are workforce development consultants for the Tukwila School District. Some of the opportunities that they have coordinated for our students include working with the city of Tukwila to ensure that students have summer jobs within the many departments associated with city government work. Fifteen students have applied for student positions in such departments as the police department and the information technology department.

The most successful career fair was held during March at Foster High School and many companies and colleges attended due to many people; however, our two workforce development consultants brought to the table a large number of first-time business and industry representatives. Their follow up with 50 companies has helped our students submit cover letters, applications, and resumes for immediate and summer jobs.

Successful partnerships have been formed with the Museum of Flight and this is the second year that students will attend a robust aerospace program coordinated by McIntosh and Riley with administrators of the Museum. The Port of Seattle is a new partner as well. While field trips have been part of the district’s high school program, last summer was the first year we partnered with them for job placement purposes. Students again met with workforce development consultants to receive assistance with putting together the appropriate job application packet.

The Young Executives of Color (YEOC) with the University of Washington has partnered with the Tukwila School District, and the workforce development consultants are in their second year in helping students to qualify for this program. Thanks to last year student graduates of this program, many students are eagerly awaiting to secure spots in the program.

Approximately 17 girls from the high school had an opportunity to attend a one-day STEM-focused seminar sponsored by the KD Hall Foundation held at the University of Phoenix in Tukwila. The girls were excited about what they learned and want to attend next year as well. Twenty-seven girls from Foster High School attended the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority STEAM Day during the first Saturday in May. Many students, parents, and community members collaborated to make this an educational and fun day for all.

In addition, I want to highlight the Tukwila School District and the City of Tukwila connection activities:

■ City Council Meetings — District connectors include JoAnne Fabian, Liliana Cardenas, T.C. Wallace and myself

■ Mayor and City Administrator Quarterly Meetings — District connector includes myself

■ Equity Commission — District connector includes Nichelle Page

■ Human Services Commission — District connector includes Katrice Cyphers

■ City and Tukwila Bond Project Meetings — District connectors include myself and Carol Pizano

■ City Workforce Development Opportunities for Students — District connectors include Lois McIntosh, Riley Haggard, Jeff Baker

■ City and District Partners in Education — District connector includes myself

■ Student Resource Officer Services — District connector include Megan McGroarty

■ City Chief of Police Monthly Meeting — District connector includes myself

A big thank you to the partnership connection with the city of Tukwila and the Tukwila School District.

Lastly, please join the school district on Wednesday, May 23 from 5 to 7 p.m. during the ribbon cutting ceremonies to be held at the new Transportation Building, the new Tukwila School District Education Service Center and Cascade View Elementary School.

Bus Transportation will be provided to each location. Thank you to the citizens of Tukwila for the passage of a $99 million bond in February 2016.

On behalf of the district, we appreciate you and should you have any questions about the district, please feel free to contact me at 206-901- 8000 or write me at


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