Chuck Parrish

Changing of the mayoral guard will bring change | CHUCK PARRISH

Allan Ekberg will need some time to get up to speed. Having had considerable experience with Tukwila government, this should go pretty smoothly.

Campaign is a means to an end | Chuck Parrish

A professionally run campaign is aware of how we think, how we react and what encourages or discourages us to vote. The campaigns are run accordingly.

Information drives who we should pick as leaders | Chuck Parrish

And now the tough part. We have done our homework. How do we decide? That, friends, is up to each of us. However, let’s not succumb to the worst reason ever to vote for someone: Because they asked us first, and they are nice people.

Racial progress comes when people work together | Chuck Parrish

The last couple of years has revealed the manner in which some police departments have treated black individuals in stressful confrontational encounters.

Tukwila: We’re on the move | Chuck Parrish

The future of Tukwila is looking good. Have you noticed that the Museum of Flight is building a new aviation pavilion on their west campus? More aviation enthusiasts will be visiting our community.

America: keep hubris in check | Chuck Parrish

In areas where we seem to be going off the rails, America would be wise to consider public policies that seem to work well in other countries.

Prudent budget policies brought city through the Recession | Chuck Parrish

The General Fund ongoing revenue numbers reflect the most predictable regular streams of revenue upon which the most predictable regular expenses are budgeted.

When all is said and done, Tukwila staff, process is good | Chuck Parrish

Some believe that policy makers automatically give a thumbs up to staff recommendations. This belief is simplistic. Staff is critical to a decision-making process.

The arts make for a wonderful gift any time of the year | Chuck Parrish

We enrich our lives and the lives of our children when we provide opportunities to appreciate the creative arts.

Ballots in good hands of hundreds of election workers | Chuck Parrish

Ballot processing takes place in a large secure convention-like area with desks, tables, computers, white boards and special equipment everywhere. Everyone wears a lanyard with an identification tag. A 40,000-unit-per-hour Pitney Bowes machine scans the envelope signatures. Every signature is compared to a previous signature.

How would you vote if gun pointed at your family? | Chuck Parrish

Soon we will be voting on the issue of background checks and gun ownership. Let’s put aside our sterile arguments regarding background checks and gun rights. These arguments incline us to look past the grim realities of gun-related deaths in our communities.

Public spoke, so find a place for marijuana store | Chuck Parrish

Have you noticed that there are no retail marijuana stores in Tukwila? Don’t hold your breath. You are not likely to see any for a long time.

Let’s go deliberately in making facilities decision | Chuck Parrish

The City of Tukwila is looking at its needs for public facilities for the next several decades. Here, Tukwila Reporter columnist Chuck Parrish offers his advice to the community.

Who are you going to call? The police, of course | Chuck Parrish

Why have a law if it is not going to be enforced? It’s a common question. After July 4, one usually hears about illegal fireworks. Other times, it is illegal parking, exceeding the speed limit, talking on cell phones. The list is long.

Think now about your end-of-life choices | Chuck Parrish

I have spoken with my doctor and, when referrals are needed, I seek out those who will take care of me and support my end-of-life choices. How about you?

This is Tukwila’s chance to get TIB right | Chuck Parrish

As time goes by, Tukwila will be looking to buy other properties on Tukwila International Boulevard within the urban renewal area. This will have to be balanced with some major upcoming transportation projects that may require some significant dollars.

Tukwila needs to tend community partners | Chuck Parrish

Late last year, Tukwila made a smart move by contracting with Global to Local (G2L) to serve as a consultant to the city’s Community Connector program. The program focuses on housing, neighborhoods, food access and transportation.

Global to Local making a difference daily | Chuck Parrish

If there is a sustainable way to improve health-care outcomes at low cost for our under-served neighbors, Global to Local is likely to be there. Gender-based swims at Tukwila Pool, exercise classes, cooking and shopping classes, health screenings and referrals, all of these constitute a holistic approach.

Look within to meet community needs | Chuck Parrish

It is likely that some City Council members will run for mayor in 2015. If the past is prologue, it is also likely that those campaigns will reveal little about the specific vision of candidates.

Job satisfaction critical in Tukwila schools | Chuck Parrish

For the moment, it makes sense that the TSD deny the determinations of the EEOC because there is a separate concurrent Superior Court case brought by the same employees. Tukwila School District expects vindication through the court case next year.