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Tukwila police investigating early morning armed robbery of 7-Eleven | Update

Tukwila police officers responded to an armed robbery call at 3:15 a.m. today, Aug. 1.

The fun of the inside game | Dennis Box

One of the more intriguing aspects of my job is covering the governments and communities of five cities.

Tukwila officer served, protected | Coffee with Gerry Myklebust

After more than 30 years of service, Gerry Myklebust hung up his Tukwila police badge in May. For more than three decades he has been part of the transformation of Tukwila, witnessing the good and often battling against the bad.

B-17 Liberty Belle makes emergency landing and burns in cornfield outside of Chicago

A piece of World War II history was lost Monday, June 13, in a cornfield outside of Chicago, when the Liberty Belle, a restored B-17 bomber built in 1944, caught fire and burned after making an emergency landing. The Museum of Flight in Tukwila featured the Liberty Foundation’s “Salute to the Veterans tour” April 30 through May 1. The foundation flew the Liberty Belle to the museum for public tours and flights.

Finding our way through the words we use to ‘Just do it’ | Editorial

Words have been my business for many years and I am always fascinated by how they are used. Sometimes words are used to say one thing and mean something quite different. I was at a council meeting in another city and the term affordable housing came up during the discussion.

Stopping for an energy drink saves a woman’s life in Tukwila | Coffee With

Zak Kissire discovered a decision to stop and buy an energy drink on the way to work can turn into a life-changing event. It was Oct. 1, 2010 and the 24-year-old Kissire was heading to work in Fife driving on State Route 599 in Tukwila.

The city of Tukwila versus the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway: Round one

In the short time I have spent getting to know the town of Tukwila, it has become clear this is an intriguing community with a complex history and many stories to tell.

The 11th annual Backyard Wildlife Festival at the Tukwila Community Center | Slide Show

The 11th annual Backyard Wildlife Festival featured activities and attractions for the entire family Saturday at the Tukwila Community Center.

State insurance commissioner rolls out online tool to appeal health insurance denials

The State Office of the Insurance Commissioner has rolled out an online appeals guide for people who have had a health insurance claim denied.

Covington man on a motorcycle seriously injured in collision with alleged drunk driver from Kent

A Covington man riding a motorcycle was seriously injured in an collision with a Jeep Cherokee driven by a Kent woman Friday evening in Maple Valley.

The B-17 flying fortress and the face of war | Dennis Box

The Museum of Flight at Boeing Field has something very special coming April 30 through May 30. The Liberty Foundation’s 2011 Salute to Veterans tour will feature the Boeing B-17 “Liberty Belle” and the rare Curtiss P-40E “Warhawk” fighter aircraft. The B-17 flying fortress is particularly fascinating for a couple of reasons.

Covington man killed and woman seriously injured by reckless driver in head-on collision on state Route 18

According to a state patrol release, a man driving recklessly killed a 36-year-old Covington man and seriously injured his passenger, a 37-year-old woman from Covington.

Tukwila Mayor Jim Haggerton announces plans to seek a second term

Tukwila Mayor Jim Haggerton announced Tuesday, April 5, he will seek a second term in office. The 75-year-old Haggerton said during a phone interview the city has, "a lot going on and that's why I want to see the results. We've accomplished a lot in a down economy."