We should allow Tukwila to grow, naturally

Our city has been undergoing a metamorphosis over the past years and is being transformed from a stoic, tranquil countryside scape, that was enjoyed by most of us long time residents, to one of an urban intensity with the attendant noise, council perpetuated increased population, more autos, more housing, more taxes, etc. Is this what most residents want and desire and are we ever asked via a questionnaire mailer for our ideas about what we want our city to be? The city’s outreach effort does not necessarily obtain the ideas of the majority of its voters.

Our city leaders have established policies that promote robust diversity, sanctuary for people who are in our country illegally and does not fully enforce the Rule of Law on which our country is founded (USAG Sessions is currently suing California over this in kind lack of enforcement which will likely in the end be decided by the US Supreme Court). These policies are directly responsible for our city’s population being almost 42 percent foreign born.

These policies have caused our leaders to abolish our Low Density Residential (LDR) zoning which we have come to enjoy, in favor of a multi family category that allows Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) on a single former LDR lot. All part of our leaders effort to help address the affordable housing dilemma brought on by the above council policies. This will perpetuate our current vehicle parking problem, drastically impact the aesthetics of neighborhoods and alter neighborhood culture. Our property taxes are higher partially to accommodate this ‘in effect’ resettlement of our city.

Hindsight is always 20/20 but the opportunity missed by our leaders was the use of an ad hoc committee to study and establish the best zoning scenario to modify or replace the zoning established in the Comprehensive Plan that was established by the Tukwila Tomorrow Committee in the mid-90s. It was comprised of twenty business and residential representatives that met weekly for eighteen months. Such an ad hoc committee was warranted to make zoning changes that were established by that committee and would have likely preserved some LDR communities in our city as testimony to the council recently indicated.

We have a full-time mayor and a seven member part time council, however all missed the estimated cost of the public safety buildings by 100 percent. Too bad, they weren’t interested in a modeling study to establish a solid sound estimate, instead our elected sold us on a lowball General Obligation Bond leading us to believe it would cover the total cost of their renaissance building plan. Could it have been because the full cost of the plan might not have garnered voter approval? So do they come back to us and ask for reauthorization of the plan at twice the cost or scale it back or do they believe they have our authorization to proceed? In either case, the building plan should be revisited and reauthorized by the voters or otherwise be explained at election time. Who was duped, the public, our elected, staff or who? It’s hard to accept the idea that no one had a clue there was a $70 to $80 million yet to come high risk shortfall that’s being passed off now as more or less a bump in the road because our elected is proceeding with its building plan anyway at twice the cost. Tax payers’ should weigh in on this catastrophic misjudgment or error.

Our elected traditionally pledge their allegiance to our flag and country before each council meeting and promise to uphold our constitution and federal law when they are sworn into office. Should the USAG’s position on sanctuary cities and ICE Law ultimately be upheld, our city will be identified as a law breaking city and will have to suffer the consequence. We always expect our city law makers to be squeaky clean and compliant with all laws and promises absolutely and will hold them accountable.

Let’s be clear, We welcome legal immigrants who have complied with our laws to be here. Some of us do. However, object to our leaders promoting robust recruitment of foreign born people to fulfill a diverse political policy that is in my judgment grossly misguided. We are currently near 42 percent foreign born in our city and growing. Our city should grow naturally based on economic conditions, not by robust political intervention. Our elected can, should and must do better.

Bill Holstine



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