Martinez top choice for City Council | Letter to the editor

Our City Council election is just around the corner and we know little about the new candidates, with the exception of Dennis Martinez whose noteworthy plan is to reinstitute our decimated middle class through the reintroduction of trades courses in our education system. Coincidentally, such effort is also being pushed nationally by the new administration. Whatever happened to those courses that prepared high school grads for jobs right out of school and helped build our middle class?

The demise of shop courses came when the U.S. Department of Education stopped supporting them. This happened about the same time D.C. was telling us that we were going to be a data and services economy, and it let corporations move offshore and give away their technology to garner favor with China, as a premium payment to manufacture there, and robbed us of our middle class jobs in the U.S.A. Moreover, D.C. started pushing college for all and got in the act of lending students money to finance their education and guess what, tuition cost more than doubled almost instantly and many grads can’t find jobs nor pay their incurred, debt and many still live at home. So much for the wisdom and recommendations of our D.C. delegation.

Dennis would bring many other fresh ideas to our City Council, including a very special one: contract negotiation expertise, which is highly desirable because the city spends our tax dollars via contractual agreements with many entities on many, many contracts. Some of us want our city to shape its future contracts by instituting incentives that reward contractors for good performance and penalize them for poor performance as an opportunity to reduce city costs and taxes. Incidentally, with sufficient expertise on the council, there would be less need for League of Cities boondoggles.

Dennis is homegrown via living in our city for 28 years, serves on our city’s Planning Commission (a position used by many former council members as a stepping stone for election to the council – a big plus) and understands how our city government works. He has been contributing to the general good of our community through his dedication and voluntary actions to make Tukwila a greater place to live and raise a family. He is looking forward to helping our city schools be better prepared to educate our youth for the job market or college based on their individual preference. That is why I’m prepared to cast my vote for Dennis Martinez for Position No. 5 on the Tukwila City Council in November, and I strongly urge my fellow voters to also vote for Dennis. Here is the kicker that makes him the overwhelming top choice: Dennis is retired and will devote whatever time it takes to do the job of representing his fellow city residents in all venues, essentially a full-time councilman.

Our city of Tukwila boldly states diversity is its strength. That being the case, we need Dennis on the council, as he states, to be a voice for all Tukwilians (including the needed voice for our Latino population which was at the last census in 2010 reported to be almost 12 percent and very likely much higher today). Help improve our city government, and mark your calendar and join me in electing Dennis Martinez in November.

– Bill Holstine

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