Republicans target health care, taxes | Chuck Parrish

The House of Representatives just passed a terrible health care bill which still has to make its way through the Senate. While presenting the plan… Continue reading

Festival previews new directions in libraries, digital content

Libraries have always been the place to turn to for information, ideas and inspiration.

  • May 16, 2017

Waiting on education funding | Superintendent Nancy Coogan

Five years and five months have passed since the Washington Supreme Court ruled that lawmakers are not meeting their constitutional duty to amply fund basic… Continue reading

  • May 16, 2017

Homework for the Tukwila community | Superintendent Nancy Coogan

Happy spring! We certainly are feeling the transition from winter to spring, as we move between umbrellas and sunglasses many times throughout the day. In… Continue reading

  • Apr 18, 2017

Do you have what it takes to run for office? | Chuck Parrish

Are you thinking about running for city council or school board in Tukwila? Good! We need choices. Too often elections have only one candidate. Voters… Continue reading

  • Apr 17, 2017

Committed to serving Tukwila students | Superintendent Nancy Coogan

Something important happened several weeks ago, and I want to assure the Tukwila school community that I am listening, that I am committed and that… Continue reading

  • Mar 14, 2017

Excited about the possibilities for Tukwila International Boulevard | CHUCK PARRISH

Recently, I came away from a community meeting about as juiced as I have been in a while. The subject was the future of Tukwila… Continue reading

  • Mar 13, 2017

Let’s expand, not take away health care | GUEST OP

Going to the doctor or dentist isn’t many people’s favorite thing.

  • Mar 13, 2017

Trying to comprehend Trump presidency | Chuck Parrish

Given the diverse makeup of our community, Tukwila is significantly affected by President Donald Trump’s policies and executive orders. So, let’s take a look. Before… Continue reading

  • Feb 15, 2017

Hard work results in clean audit for Tukwila School District | Nancy Coogan

The beginning of February has put me in mind of this humbling piece of advice: “Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot… Continue reading

  • Feb 15, 2017

King County Library System continues to serve so many | From the bookshelf

It’s hard to believe 2017 is already here. If you’re like me, you’re probably wondering, “Where did the time go?” Apparently, it went to the… Continue reading

Time to re-evaluate district’s technology use | Nancy Coogan

Happy 2017! Can you believe it’s the new year already? Like many of you, I spent the holidays with family, taking time to reflect on… Continue reading

  • Jan 18, 2017

Grateful for all Tukwila offers | Chuck Parrish

The city of Tukwila is developing a program to encourage our friends in the region to visit Tukwila and, in particular, our Southcenter area/Tukwila Urban Center (TUC).

  • Jan 18, 2017

Make healthy changes in the new year | Guest Commentary

Many of us see the new year as an opportunity for a new beginning, a chance to make positive changes in our lives. We might… Continue reading

  • Jan 17, 2017

Top 10 ways to make KCLS a part of your holiday celebrations

The King County Library System is a tremendous resource all year round. From the Summer Reading Program and robotics classes to an armful of good… Continue reading

Holding on to optimism for president-elect | Chuck Parrish

There is a fight going on inside me. It is a struggle between optimism and pessimism. My president-elect is a man I do not like.… Continue reading

  • Dec 20, 2016

Community support helps Tukwila students thrive | Nancy Coogan

As we come to the close of this calendar year, I want to reflect on the hundreds of people who give their talents, time, and… Continue reading

  • Dec 19, 2016

Paying the price of drowsy driving |GUEST OPINION

Imagine this: You’ve enjoyed a fun weekend in Eastern Washington, but you have to head home in the morning. Your friend goes to bed but… Continue reading

Crime down on Tukwila International Boulevard | Chuck Parrish

Everyone wants to be safe. Each of us has to make our own decision about what that means. However, reliable information should inform that decision.… Continue reading

  • Nov 15, 2016

Let your voice be heard this election | Editor’s Note

Election season is upon us. Don’t forget to return your ballot.